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Some Unexpected (and rando, tbh) Guests Are Patrolling Disney World Today…

It’s been a busy day at Disney Springs! From World of Disney reopening to us eating our first official Dole Whip in months, we’ve wondered how it could get any more memorable!

Yes, there are STORMTROOPERS in Disney Springs today!

Leave it up to a squad of actual STORMTROOPERS showing up at Disney Springs today to get the party going!

Yes, you heard us correctly: we spotted Stormtroopers at Disney Springs today! 

A pair of Stormtroopers were seen patrolling from high above the shops. We saw them above Uno de 50! Do we think they’re there to enforce the new health and safety protocol in Disney Springs? Regardless, we always find ourselves paying closer attention to the rules when Stormtroopers are around!

Watch out! Stormtroopers are patrolling Disney Springs!

We don’t anticipate seeing them at the ground level, but what an interesting and cool way to incorporate a character interaction today in Disney World!

PLUS — while we listened to them give marching orders to the guests, we noticed that one of the Stormtroopers seems to be female! While we’ve known about Stormtrooper leaders like Captain Phasma being female, we’ve never encountered a female-voiced stormtrooper at Disney World until today! Have you??

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Are you heading to Disney Springs soon? Let us know in the comments, and be on the lookout for those Stormtroopers!

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