Splash Mountain Music removed from Spotify

Splash Mountain Music removed from Spotify Splash Mountain

It’s only been a few weeks since Disney announced how the Splash Mountain attraction will receive a new theme dedicated to Princess & The Frog. We know the attraction will be eventually closing for its redesign, but no official closing date has been given yet. However, Disney fans did discover one new development. The recognizable medley music of Splash Mountain is no longer available on Spotify.

Splash Mountain Music removed from Spotify

We searched on Spotify to confirm. The Splash Mountain ride medley has been removed from the Walt Disney World Official Album. Seeing the removal of the attraction’s music has some speculating if Disney will completely abandon all future usage of the familiar tunes. Until then, we can still find the Splash Mountain ride medley music on platforms such as YouTube.

With the removal of the ride’s medley music, and Splash Mountain’s merchandise being pulled from shopDisney, it looks as if we’re witnessing small steps being taken towards the gradual end of the Song of the South attraction. In the meantime, Disney theme park guests can still enjoy the ride at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

Lastly, we look forward to seeing the new Princess and the Frog attraction once the attraction has been redesigned. We loved the soundtrack of that movie!

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