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Take a Look Inside One of Universal Orlando’s Reopened Hotels!

Universal Orlando will be re-opening to the public on June 5th. But, the resorts and hotels are opening back up to guests today, June 2nd!

Universal Orlando Resort

We’re taking you with us to have a full experience at the resorts to see their new health and safety protocols, check-in process, and more!

At this time, the following Universal Orlando resorts are open to guests:

  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort
  • Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
  • Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort
  • Universal’s Aventura Hotel
  • Universal’s Endless Summer Resort — Surfside Inn and Suites

Aventura Hotel

We headed over to Universal’s Aventura Hotel to see what it’s like after reopening!

Check-In Process

Right after you step inside the hotel, you must stop at the temperature check station.

Aventura Hotel Sign

According to Universal’s website, “If a guest registers a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater upon check-in, they will not be allowed to check-in until they receive medical clearance to do so. The rest of the guest’s party will be allowed to check in. We understand some guests may feel they have special conditions, which we will consider upon request.”

Aventura Hotel Temperature Check

This temperature check was similar to the ones we had at Universal’s CityWalk — quick, easy, and painless. After we registered temperatures under 100.4, they gave us green wrist bands to signify that we passed the temperature check.

Wristband After Temperature Check

The staff told us that once you have your temperature checked and approved for the day, your wristband will signify that you don’t have to check in again at CityWalk, the parks, etc. The wristband colors are scheduled to change each day, but it sounds like once you’ve been cleared for the day you’re cleared to skip additional temperature check lines for the rest of the day!

After the temperature check station, we checked in at the hotel how we normally would, but made sure to follow the physical distancing stickers on the floor.

Aventura Hotel Check In

The Aventura Hotel is also offering a touchless checkout where you can simply text the number listed and be on your way!

Health and Sanitization Efforts

Face masks are currently required in all public areas of the resort and there are signs pointing you to the nearest hand washing station.

Aventura Hotel Handwashing Station Sign

There are also several hand-sanitizing stations placed around the resort from the parking garage, to the dining areas, and even out by the pool.

Aventura Hotel Sanitizing Station

Speaking of the pool — it’s open! There weren’t any guests out lounging when we visited, but the chairs have been spaced to allow for physical distancing and lifeguards are stationed on duty.

Aventura Hotel Pool

We clarified with Guest Services that guests are still required to wear face coverings while they are walking around the pool deck, but they may remove them to swim or if they are seated at their lounge chairs.

The Room

The rooms appear to be pretty standard hotel rooms and we were a little surprised to see “high-touch” items like the personal coffee maker still offered.

Aventura Hotel Room Coffee Station

Universal stated, “When possible, guest rooms will be left vacant for 24-48 hours upon checkout, before thoroughly cleaning and checking in a new guest.”

The room was fitted with a telephone and tablet, which both appeared shiny and free of fingerprints.

Aventura Hotel Room Phone and Tablet

The TV was already playing the safety video we shared with you earlier today — reminding guests to follow the signage, wear a mask, and keep a safe distance from parties around them.

Food and Drinks

Aventura’s cafe, Urban Pantry, and Starbucks are both open and offering salads, sandwiches, snacks, and coffee.

Aventura Hotel Starbucks

However, as an added safety measure at Urban Pantry, guests will need to pick up a new cup each time they would like a refill on their drink.

Aventura Hotel Cafe Refill Station

As an added bonus, when we were checking out, the cashier told us they were giving away free desserts to annual passholders today. And you know we can’t resist cheese…or cake! So make sure to ask if they have any special offers if you are visiting.

Aventura Hotel Cheesecake

The lobby bar and rooftop bar are both open and serving up drinks, but not food.

Aventura Hotel Indoor Bar

Aventura Hotel Rooftop Bar

The rooftop bar is using a QR menu printed plenty big for your phone to read it.

Aventura Hotel Rooftop Bar Menu

There is no seating at the bars and some of the rooftop bar’s additional seating is more limited than usual, but there are still plenty of spots to grab a seat and relax awhile.


Although this was our first time getting our temperatures taken at a hotel, the overall process felt pretty similar to our hotel experiences before the closures. If you haven’t been out and about already, seeing everyone in masks and all of the extra stickers on the ground can take some getting used to. The hotel wasn’t very busy, which probably helped things run more smoothly. We were surprised to still see a coffee maker and tablet in each room (that’s a LOT of nooks and crannies to clean), but so far, we’ve watched the Aventura be diligent about cleaning surfaces between guests, promote distance whenever possible, and take extra steps to protect their guests during this reopening.

Here’s everything you need to know about Universal Orlando’s reopening!

Do you have any questions about what it’s like to stay in a reopened hotel? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get the answer back to you!

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