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This Is the ONE Place We Found Masks For Sale in Disney World Today

We’re at Disney Springs today as it reopens for the first time since it closed alongside the Disney parks back in March. Oh, look! Mickey balloons!

Mickey Balloons at Disney Springs Today

Though the Disney World parks remain closed, we’re getting to experience a taste of all of the new procedures in Disney Springs today. By now, you’ve probably realized a big piece of what that looks like is everybody is now wearing face masks! 

That’s because to be allowed inside Disney Springs right now ALL Guests and Cast Members at Disney Springs are required to wear masks for the entirety of their stay.

Disney Springs

Though Disney Springs’ guidelines explicitly stated guests ages three and up must bring their own face coverings to pass through the health screening, what happens if your elastic breaks or your face mask gets wet and you don’t have a back-up? Surely Disney Springs would have face masks for sale at several retail stores like we saw at Univeral Studios’ CityWalk, right?

Disney Springs

Actually, we looked around and couldn’t find face masks being sold anywhere — at least, initially. It’s possible Disney-owned stores will sell them, but Disney-operated businesses haven’t reopened yet since they’re waiting until May 27th.

So your only option is third-party retailers which have reopened. (Do note that Disney does have a select number of disposable masks if needed.) That’s how we came up with the idea to duck into Vera Bradley! We had actually walked by the store earlier in the day before it opened at 11AM and noticed there was already a line out front. Were these folks hoping to find some Vera Bradley Face Masks inside?

Vera Bradley

Once inside, we asked an employee if Vera Bradley was selling face masks. Sure enough — THEY ARE!

Vera Bradley Face Masks

The associate (who was wearing a vibrant Vera Bradley Face Mask herself) held up a few options. They’re made of cotton fabric and are the kind that wrap around your ears with elastic bands.

Vera Bradley Face Mask

Vera Bradley Face Masks are individually-packaged and sell for $8 each! Plus they come in an array of beautiful colors and patterns. So far this is the ONLY spot we’ve found face masks for sale at Disney Springs, but we’ll let you know if we find anywhere else that’s selling them. And if you spotted them elsewhere, please let us know!

Are you surprised that Vera Bradley is the only store selling face masks? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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