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We Asked Our Readers: “Should Disney World Give out Free Masks for Guests?” Here’s What They Said.

Disney World is taking its first step towards resuming operations, with the phased reopening of Disney Springs starting on May 20th. The Disney Springs reopening plan includes several health and safety measures, one of which is required face coverings for both guests and Cast Members.

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And since masks are mandatory, we wanted to know if our readers think Disney should provide them for guests.

Based on statements from Disney executive chairman (and former CEO) Bob Iger, it’s been evident for some time that when Disney World reopened, there would be multiple additional health and safety measures implemented.

And now that Disney Springs is planning a phased reopening beginning on May 20th, we have a first glimpse into the protocols the shopping and dining area will follow.

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Safety measures will include increased cleaning procedures, reduced capacity and operating hours, limited-contact guest services, additional safety training for cast members, and required face coverings for both guests and Cast Members. You can see details on Disney Springs’ health protocol here.

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Since it’s confirmed that guests will be required to wear face masks during the initial stages of reopening, we wanted to get our readers’ thoughts on whether or not Disney should provide them. So, we asked our followers on Instagram, “Do you think Disney World should provide free masks, or should guests be required to bring their own?”

And people were quick to chime in! We received 423 responses in the first few minutes and of those, 210 said YES Disney should provide masks, 165 said NO it’s not Disney’s responsibility, and 48 said IN SOME CASES Disney should provide free masks. Here’s a visual breakdown of the results!

Pie Chart of Our Readers’ Responses When Asked If They Think Disney Should Provide Free Masks for Guests

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people gave behind their responses!

“Yes, Disney World Should Provide Guests with Free Masks!”

Coming in as the most popular response, 50% said yes, they do think Disney World should provide free masks for all guests. Several people said that if Disney is making masks an ongoing requirement, they should have them available. “If masks are required then they should have them on hand to provide to guests in need.”

Others also pointed out that this would help Disney with enforcing the policy. “Yes! That way they can ensure everyone is being as safe as possible.”


Many readers also pointed out that Disney could provide plain masks for free, but allow guests the opportunity to upgrade to a design or pattern for an additional fee. “Provide basic ones, then charge more for nicer ones like they do with MagicBands.”

“No, It’s Not Disney’s Responsibility to Provide Masks”

On the other hand, 39% said no, they don’t think Disney is responsible for providing guests with free masks. They said guests should come prepared, and instead of handing out masks for free, Disney could sell them at a reasonable price for those who lost or dropped theirs. “No, but they should make them available for sale outside [the entrance] for a small fee.”

Others also pointed out that making masks available for purchase, instead of giving them out for free, would allow Disney to create more fashionable designs that make them more appealing to wear. “They could be the new Minnie Ears. Another way to add a pop of Disney.”

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Overall, this group felt that the responsibility should lie with the guests. “Nope. If you aren’t responsible enough to bring one, you aren’t taking it seriously enough.”

“Disney Should Provide Free Masks in Some Cases”

And some people saw the situation as a little less black-and-white — 11% said Disney should provide free masks in some cases. Many agreed that they do think guests should bring their own face covering, but since things can get hectic on vacation, Disney should have backups available in case a guest’s mask is lost, forgotten, or dropped. “People should be responsible for their own but Disney should have some at the ready to give if needed.”

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Others pointed out that since guests have been known to disregard the rules or not pay attention to the required changes, Disney should have masks on hand for any guests who missed the memo. “Guests should bring their own. But people don’t listen, so they should have backups just in case.”

So, it seems our readers are relatively evenly split on this one! Half of the respondents think that Disney should provide free masks for guests, and they pointed out that this also provides Disney with the chance to upsell for different designs. On the other hand, many readers think that guests should take responsibility and come prepared.

There were definitely some solid points all around — and keep in mind, you can always buy a Disney face mask now so you’re prepared regardless of the face-covering policy when the time comes for your next Disney World vacation!

Do you think Disney World should provide free masks, or should guests be required to bring their own? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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