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We Asked Our Readers: What Do You Think Will Be the First Thing to Sell Out When the Parks Reopen? Here’s What They Said.

When the Disney World parks reopen their gates, what do you think will be the first thing to fly off the shelves?

Space Mountain Minnie Ears

The Disney World parks have been closed since March 16th and they’ll remain shuttered “until further notice.” But with Disney Springs partially reopened, Disney World is taking the first step towards resuming operations.

We’ve found ourselves wondering what things Disney fans will rush to snatch up when they return to the parks — and we wanted to know what our readers think! So, we took to Instagram to ask, “What do you think will be the first thing to sell out when the parks reopen?” Let’s take a look at what our readers said!

Disney World Street Signs


Let’s start by taking a look at the tickets and events that people think will be the first to sell out!

Park Tickets

Out of all the responses we received, the top answer by far was park admission tickets! 

Cinderella Castle

Several of our readers referenced the advance reservations required for the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland and said that if Disney World also limited admission, tickets will be the first thing to go.

Tickets to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Another ticket that many people expect to sell out quickly is admission to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom!

general halloween

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Some said this would be their ideal way to experience Disney World again after the reopening, and they think others will jump on the tickets quickly!


While some people expected the theme park tickets to be the first thing to go, others think that Disney will have a hard time keeping merchandise in stock! Here are the items our readers believe will disappear from the stores first.

Disney Face Masks

Disney did release a line of character face masks available for purchase online, so we can definitely see them selling these in the parks when they reopen as well!

Disney-themed Cloth Face Masks ©Disney

Plus, since guests at the reopened Shanghai Disneyland and Disney Springs are required to wear face masks, it’s possible they will be required — or at least encouraged — when the parks reopen. If so, we agree that guests will likely want the option to accessorize with a Disney version!

Mickey Ears

Another top response — the iconic Mickey Ears and Minnie Ears!

UK Minnie Ears

Considering how popular these were even before the park closures, we can definitely see guests scooping up a pair as soon as they walk through the gates.

2020 Merchandise

Disney World is known for releasing dated collections for each year. And several of our readers are expecting that the 2020 merchandise will be a hot commodity! With the parks closed for so much of 2020, it’s possible guests will want to commemorate that!

2020 Mickey Ornament

We’ve seen t-shirts, picture frames, mugs, sweatshirts, ornaments, and more all with the 2020 design, so at least guests will have plenty to choose from!

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Collection

This year, Disney has released a new set of Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction merchandise each month. The collection is themed after popular Disney attractions and each month a new Minnie Mouse Plush, Minnie Ears, mug, pins, and bag are made available!

The April Collection is themed after “it’s a small world” ©Disney

These items have sold out super quickly each month (especially the Minnie Ears!), so we think our readers are on to something with this response!

The only question is — will World of Disney stock these cuties this week??


While some expect the ticket counters and merchandise locations to be the first to run out of stock, others are headed straight for the SNACKS!

Dole Whip

Of all the food-related responses, Dole Whip was by far the most popular! Which is fitting, since Dole Whip was the champion of our Snack Madness showdown this year!

Dole Whip

Between its status as a Disney icon, and the tart, refreshing flavor, a few readers think that those Dole Whip machines will run dry pretty quickly after the parks reopen!

Mickey Premium Bar

From one quintessential Disney snack to another, a lot of people also expect the Mickey Premium Bar to sell out quickly!

Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar at Disney World

This snack is so quintessentially Disney that they actually make other food “dressed up” like Mickey Premium Bars. These cold, sweet snacks are sold practically everywhere in the parks, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one once they reopen!


The smell of fresh popcorn reminds us of Main Street, U.S.A.!

Popcorn in Mary Blair Popcorn Box

And even though this one isn’t quite as exclusively associated with Disney World, we do know some serious popcorn (and popcorn bucket) fans, so our readers who guessed this will be the first item to sell out might be on the right track!

We were interested to see the variety of opinions from our readers about what will sell out first when the Disney World parks reopen! And after seeing the great points made about tickets, limited-edition merchandise, and iconic Disney snacks, we could see just about anyone’s guess being correct. Which just goes to show how much awesome insight Disney fans have into the parks!

What do you think will be the first thing to sell out when the Disney World parks reopen? Let us know in the comments!

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