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We’re Answering ALL Your Questions About the Reopening of Disney Springs!

It’s a whole new world in Disney Springs now that some of the shops and restaurants have started to reopen!

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With temperature checks, physical distancing, face masks, and more; we’re getting a LOT of questions about how to navigate the newly reopened Disney Springs. Well, you know us. If you’ve got questions — we’ve got ANSWERS! That’s why we’re taking a look at some of the frequently asked questions that we’re getting from our readers so that you have a FULL understanding of what it’s like to spend a day in Disney Springs!

So, without further ado, let’s get to those FAQs!

Where can I park?

Disney Springs is now operating on a reduced schedule. As of right now, hours of operation are 10AM to 10PM. Yesterday, the Orange parking garage was the first to open around 8:30AM. The Green parking garage was only to be used after the Orange garage filled up. These are the only two areas where guests are currently permitted to park at Disney Springs.

Parking Lot

There weren’t Cast Members around directing people where to park, but there were some Cast Members on mics welcoming guests back when we arrived and guiding folks to the temperature screening area.

What time should I arrive?

After figuring out which parking garage was open, we arrived shortly after 8:3oAM yesterday. Our wait time getting through the temperature screening was minimal (since very few people were around). The screening process was super fast and efficient (which we’ll touch on more in a sec), while the line to pass through the checkpoint had social distancing markers indicating where guests should stand before they were called forward.

Temperature Check

Keep in mind we arrived VERY early — before many of the businesses at Disney Springs were open. While some stores and places to grab a coffee such as Starbucks and Joffrey’s opened at 10AM, several shops and restaurants didn’t open until 11AM.

Line Outside T-REX

If you’re planning on visiting one of Disney Springs’ third-party businesses, check its website for their most current hours (which might not be the same as Disney Springs’ hours). You may not want to wait around as long as we did although we saw many folks waiting in line (while social distancing) for stores and restaurants to reopen.

What’s the capacity like and how is Disney Springs’ limiting it?

In addition to reducing its hours, Disney Springs is limiting its capacity.

Orange Parking Garage

Once the designated parking garages (Lime and Orange) are full, guests are not allowed to park and enter Disney Springs. This includes those with dining reservations.

Where is Disney Springs conducting its temperature screenings?

Checkpoints are located in four areas: inside the Orange and Lime parking garages, along with the Hotel Plaza Boulevard pedestrian bridge, and at the Rideshare drop-off location. 

What if the parking garages are full and I have a dining reservation?

Once Disney Springs’ parking garages are full, that’s it. Even if you have booked a dining reservation, you won’t be allowed in until a space opens in the lot.

Wolfgang Puck

But luckily if a guest is unable to make their reservation because Disney Springs is closed due to capacity, we DID find out the dining guarantee charge will be waived.

Are temperature screenings mandatory?

All of Disney Springs’ new safety guidelines and procedures including temperature screenings and wearing face masks at all times are mandatory. If you don’t want to have your temperature taken or wear a face mask, you won’t be allowed to enter.

Advent Health Signage

All guests and Cast Members, including vendors and construction workers, must follow these new safety measures for the duration of their stay.

What is the temperature cut-off at Disney Springs?

To be allowed inside Disney Springs, your temperature needs to be under 100.4 F.

Does Florida’s heat affect temperature readings?

Disney knows many guests might have concerns about Florida’s heat impacting temperature screenings. That’s why professional healthcare workers from AdventHealth who are trained in using touchless thermometers are conducting the screenings.

Temperature Screening

If someone’s temperature is over 100.4 F, they’re taken off to the side and given the chance to “cool down” in a tented area before they are rescreened. If they still have a temperature over 100.4F or higher, they will not be allowed into Disney Springs and their party is not allowed entry either.

Is Disney providing face masks for guests?

If you accidentally forget your face mask at home, Disney MIGHT be able to help you out but don’t count on it. They told us they did have an extremely limited supply of face masks, but that guests ARE responsible for having their own face masks.

Cast Member with required face mask

If you don’t bring your own mask, you might not be allowed inside. Children under the age of three aren’t required to wear a face mask, but everyone else is.

Are there masks available to purchase?

As only a few third-party retailers have reopened at Disney Springs, we found only one store that was selling face masks yesterday.

Vera Bradley Face Masks

Vera Bradley is selling cotton face masks (the elastic kind) which cost $8 each. We’ll keep on eye out for face masks at other Disney Springs stores, especially Disney-owned locations such as World of Disney when those locations start to reopen May 27th.

Do I still need to wear a mask outside?

Guests and workers must wear face masks at all times, both indoors and outdoors. 

Wolfgang Puck

There are a few exceptions, though. When you’re seated in a restaurant, you can remove your mask because tables have been socially distanced. IF you get up to leave or use the restroom though, you’ll be expected to recover with a mask.

What about walking around with coffee or a snack?

So, if face masks are required, how do you walk around sippin’ or snackin’? This question has definitely been on our mind since we found out that grab and go places like Sunshine Churros and Joffrey’s Coffee would be opening.

Joffrey’s Reopened

After speaking with a couple of Cast Members yesterday, we were told if you’re holding a snack or a drink, you’re permitted to lower your mask to take a bite or a drink, then recover as long as you keep practicing social distancing. If you’re not eating or drinking, Cast Members will advise you to put your mask back on.

Can you pull your mask down for pictures?

Based on our understanding of the guidelines issued by Disney Springs, removing your mask for any reason other than eating or drinking isn’t advisable.

How is Disney enforcing mandatory masks after guests have entered Disney Springs?

Face masks are required for all Cast Members and guests during their entire visit, and because everyone over the age of three is wearing one, it’s pretty noticeable when someone isn’t.

Advent Health Cast Member at Temperature Screening

Walking around Disney Springs yesterday, we saw several types of Cast Members were monitoring the crowds ensuring guests were being safe. This included the AventHealth care specialists who took our temperatures, as well as Disney security officers, custodial workers, and the team of new health and safety ambassadors we recently learned about called “greeters.”

What are the accommodations if you have a disability or health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask?

Children under the age of three aren’t required to wear one, but everyone else is. When we asked, we were told there are no exceptions to this requirement.

Is World of Disney open?

Since World of Disney is owned by Disney, it is not open yet. Only third-party shops and restaurants have begun to reopen. For the complete list of retailers that have reopened in Disney Springs, click here. For reopened Disney Springs restaurants, click here.

World of Disney is Still Closed

World of Disney and other Disney-operated businesses are expected to reopen May 27th while the rest of Disney World’s theme parks and hotels will remain closed until further notice.

Can you still handle products/ try on clothes?

As we checked out some of the stores yesterday, we noticed many of the newly reopened businesses were still allowing guests to touch their products. A sign at Arribas Bros. asked guests to limit their handling of merchandise and stated more items were available behind the counter.

Arribas Bros. Merchandise Sign

Basin was allowing guests to test its bath and body products using its in-store sinks while Uniqlo was allowing guests to try on clothing in every-other fitting room, to maintain distance requirements.

Are the ferries running?

For now, it appears the ferryboats are not operating in Disney Springs.

The Boathouse Amphicar Do Not Stand Markers

And although The Boathouse had originally announced they would resume giving rides in their vintage Amphicars, we haven’t seen any of them sailing around quite yet either.

What surprised us the most about the reopening?

Having attended the partial reopening of Universal Studios’ CityWalk last week, we pretty much knew what to expect in terms of going through temperature screenings, having to wear face masks all day, and what a dining experience inside a restaurant would look like. Disney Springs made all of these procedures seem as normal as possible while ensuring guests and Cast Members were acting responsibly.

Balloons in Disney Springs Today

We were really curious about what the reopening was like from a cast member’s perspective, which you can read more about here. All in all, we were glad to hear so many of them felt comfortable and happy to be back at work! We did hear from a few Cast Members that their biggest question of the day was less about the new procedures and actually why World of Disney was still closed!

We will continue updating this post, so if you have any BIG questions we haven’t answered, reach out to us on social or in the comments below! 

Have any questions we missed? Ask them in the comments! 

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