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What It’s Like to Eat and Drink in Disney Springs When You’re NOT in a Restaurant

We are in Disney Springs today for the reopening of Walt Disney World’s shopping and dining district. We are taking in all the experiences, which now include following new safety measures along with dining and shopping among the currently open restaurants and shops.

Welcome Center at Disney Springs

Along the way, we’re stopping at newly reopen table service restaurants like Wine Bar George, Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, The BOATHOUSE, and more to see the new measures in action when it comes to dining. But Disney Springs is also well-known for all sorts of counter service options including grab-and-go spots. What’s it like to eat and drink around Disney Springs when you’re not doing so at a sit-down restaurant?

We have visited both Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea and Starbucks in the Disney Springs Marketplace, and we stopped by the outside counter at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, among other locations.

Wolfgang Puck Outdoor Counter

Neither Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea or Starbucks offer indoor or have dedicated outdoor seating, and in all cases you queue up to order your food and drink. So, let’s do exactly that!

Physical Distancing in Queues

We are finding that Counter Service locations have easy-to-spot signage on the ground so you know where to stand to keep to the recommended physical distancing measure of 6 feet from other guests.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

At Joffrey’s, guest flow is directed by dedicated entrances and exits. And you may already be familiar with the line flow at Starbucks, which always had directional “ropes” since it’s always a busy spot, but they have been extended to allow for more space between guests.

Placing and Getting Your Order

As a reminder, all cast members — and guests — in Disney Springs are required to wear a face mask. Placing your order itself is otherwise the same, though cashless payment is encouraged.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

At Starbucks specifically, a barista presented each person their drink.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

This is opposed to having guests gather by the pickup window as was previously done.

Alcohol in Disney Springs

Both Joffrey’s and the Wolfgang Puck outdoor counter served beverages with alcohol before (and without, of course!), and continue to do so. At Wolfgang Puck, the outdoor drinks were all previously frozen beverages. However, a selection of cocktails is also available now.

Outside at Wolfgang Puck

You see, several table service restaurants also typically feature bar-only service. However, bars-only are not operating in this initial reopening phase. As such, Wolfgang Puck is providing a to-go option, with drinks made by a bartender inside. And Frontera Cocina is also serving drinks at their To-Go window.

Frontera Cocina Drink To Go

And, because the bars are not currently open, we found out you are even able to get a drink to go from The BOATHOUSE.  As to where you can imbibe… .

WHERE You Can Eat and Drink

As it turns out, enjoying your grab-and-goes is a lot like it was before. We are still spotting tables and chairs placed outside nearby dining locations that do not have their own designated seating, and have not noticed any areas where they have been entirely removed.

Welcome Back Drink at Starbucks

And you CAN stroll with your goodies as usual. The biggest logistical question here is the wearing of face masks, which again, are required. And we were informed by several cast members that guests who have food and drink in hand may have their face coverings lowered while eating and drinking.

These new measures at grab-and-go dining echo those in place all around Disney Springs, and you can read more about all the new measures in full by clicking here. To learn more about the status of Disney Resorts and parks around the world, you can visit any of the links below.

Where do you like to grab a bite or beverage in Disney Springs? Please let us know with a comment!

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