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Who Messed With the TV?! A Simple Answer For Why Your Disney+ Might No Longer Be Working!

You know how it goes…you finally get home after a long day, take off your shoes, and plop down on the couch to do a little Disney+ bingeing only to find out your TV isn’t working!

©The Simpsons on Disney Plus

There go all of your best-laid plans! But believe it or not, several Disney+ subscribers are having this problem — and they’ve all got ONE thing in common. Here’s a hint: it’s NOT spotty wi-fi!

As first reported by for some mysterious reason (which our technologically-challenged brains will probably never understand) Disney+ is not working on some Samsung TV models — specifically ones from 2016!

Muppets Now Coming Soon to Disney Plus

Disney is currently working with Samsung to resolve the manufacturing issue, but if you’ve encountered this problem there are a few steps to try first before throwing in towel. When it doubt, ALWAYS turn your device on and off! Try restarting your TV and the Disney+ app — if this still doesn’t fix it, you can also uninstall and re-install the Disney+ app.

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Still not working? Well like we said — Disney hopes to have this problem resolved soon, so in the meantime, you can stream Disney+ on your other electronic devices! We’ll follow this story and provide you with further updates!

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Have you been having trouble getting Disney+ to work on your TV? Let us know in the comments below!

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