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You Can STILL Score This Drink Discount in Disney World…But It’s a Little Different Now!

Ya’ll know that Wine Bar George is one of our go-to spots in Disney Springs!

The Basket at Wine Bar George

And, now that the shopping and dining district is back open, we’ve been SO excited to get some flaming cheese at the restaurant and a Froscato next door at The Basket!

Even though we’ve told you all about those AWESOME Corkcicles available at The Basket, one of our favorite discounts at the quick-service stop is looking a little different nowadays.

Yellow Corksicle

You usually can get a refill of your pick of a frozen drink like Froscato, Frosé, or Freaujolais (choosing is so hard!!) for $10 after you’ve purchased a Corkcicle (usually $13). The Basket used to refill your cup directly and give it back to you. However, with the recent health and safety procedures at Disney Springs, The Basket is now putting refills in a plastic cup instead of directly in your Corkcicle!

New Corkcicle Procedure

Of course, you can pour the drink in yourself, but this prevents any extra cross-contamination between guests and The Basket. Since you have the option to just drink straight from the plastic cup, we asked if you can just bring your receipt from your Corkcicle to get the discount, but no dice. You must bring your Corkcicle and show it to the cashier to get the discount. Hey, we’re just happy we can still get our Dole Whip slush on!

Read all about the disappearance of the newest Corkcicle at The Basket here!

What’s your favorite drink from The Basket? Let us know in the comments below!

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