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Backstage at the Balloon Room at the Magic Kingdom

Balloon room

It’s every Disney fan’s dream to get behind the scenes at Walt Disney World. Hence the proliferation of backstage-type tours and documentaries. We also, on rare and beautiful occasions, get an extra peek online. That is what happened when Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Photographer, Chloe Rice, decided to take her camera into the “balloon room” at Magic Kingdom park.

According to Rice, the balloon room is so full of balloons that it is hard to get the door closed behind you. Talk about a magical experience! Being surrounded by inflated Mickey heads, all different colors, almost like clouds in a Disney World sky. She brought lighting equipment and an assistant but ended up needing neither, as this beautiful photograph was a spur-of-the-moment capture; a moment never to be duplicated, and for some of us, only available to experience in photographic form.

Walt Disney World is known for many things, with balloons falling somewhere on the top of the list. For many families a trip wouldn’t be complete without the purchase of one of these floating memorabilia. Walking down Main Street would be lacking if a friendly Cast Member did not greet us with a mass of colorful Mickey heads bouquet-ed above them. How many times have we seen an iconic photo of someone borrowing those balloons to hold in front of the castle? Too many to count.

Rice has given us an uncommon glimpse into a version of Walt Disney World usually reserved for Cast Members. She has proven to us that, once again, Disney is every bit as magical behind the scenes.

Photo courtesy of Disney

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