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Photos and Review: How Do Morimoto Street Food’s Bao Buns Compare to Pandora’s Cheeseburger Pods??

Morimoto Asia Street Food is now reopened in Disney Springs!

Morimoto Asia Street Food

Select third-party shops and restaurants began reopening at Disney Springs on May 20th. We were there on reopening day to share our experience, and we’re continuing to drop in to check out locations as they reopen. Today, Morimoto Asia Street Food joined the list of reopened locations at Disney Springs, so we stopped in to grab some lunch!

Ordering Process

Similar to other locations around Disney Springs, Morimoto Asia Street Food has social distancing markers set up to show guests proper spacing as they stand in line to order their food.

Social Distancing Markers

We noticed that the large overhead menu which used to be placed above the counter was missing. Instead, there was a copy of the temporary menu, with reduced offerings, displayed in front of the register.

Morimoto Asia Street Food

It wasn’t yet set up when we ordered, but by the time we left, a plexiglass guard was installed in front of the register.

Plexiglass Guard

They were accepting cash payments, although the Cast Member informed us that they are encouraging contactless credit card payments if possible. The self-serve condiment station has been removed, so the Cast Member handed us sauces, napkins, and silverware after we placed our order.

Morimoto Asia Street Food Cast Member

They informed us that they’ve placed an order for packaged silverware and napkin kits, but they hadn’t arrived yet.


The restaurant removed some tables and spaced out the seating to allow for social distancing while dining.

Seating at Morimoto Asia Street Food

There was also a hand sanitizer station set up by the seating area.

Hand Sanitizer Station

As we were eating, another party finished their meal and left, and a Cast Member immediately wiped down the table at which they were sitting. So, in our experience, the team was on top of sanitation procedures!


Okay, now for the fun part — FOOD! The restaurant was offering a temporary menu with reduced options.

Morimoto Asia Street Food Menu

First, we tried the BBQ Pork Bun. We were curious to see how it compared to the Cheeseburger Pods from Satu’li Canteen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!  This was a soft bao bun filled with a creamy pork mixture for $7.

BBQ Pork Bun

We really enjoyed this BBQ Pork Bun! The texture was nice and fluffy, and the flavor was a bit sweet. So this might be a good choice if you’re trying to avoid excess spice! The bun by itself wasn’t super filling, but it would be great as a snack or a light lunch. It’s safe to say, in our opinion, this bao and Satu’li Canteen’s don’t disappoint! Both are filled with rich, meaty mixtures — it may just be a matter of whether you’re craving pork or beef!

BBQ Pork Bun

We also tried the Spicy Chashu Ramen, which had Soy Flavored Pork Broth, Roasted Pork, Scallions, and a Soy Marinated Egg. And as much as we enjoyed the bun, the ramen was the real winner for us! Fair warning, it was pretty spicy, so it’s probably best to avoid this one if you’re not a fan of heat.

Spicy Chashu Ramen

But, in addition to the spice, there was a ton of great flavors in the ramen. We really enjoyed the pork which was sliced super thin and cooked perfectly. The noodles did help balance the spice a bit, and we liked that we could taste the soy in both the egg and the broth. So, the ramen gets two big thumbs up from us!

Overall Experience

We really enjoyed our time at Morimoto Asia Street Food. Both of the menu items we tried were awesome (especially the ramen!) and we took notice of the many precautions the restaurant and its Cast Members were taking. As usual, it was an absolute delight dining at Morimoto Asia Street Food! We’ll definitely be back again soon — we’re still dreaming about that ramen! You can check out our pre-closure review of Morimoto Asia Street Food here!

Have you eaten at Morimoto Asia Street Food? Share your experience in the comments!

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