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Bob Chapek shares more about phased reopening plan for Walt Disney World

Bob Chapek Disney World

Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently shared information about Walt Disney World‘s phased reopening plans.

He recently shared in a CNBC interview, “We want to make sure that what we present to our guests when we open up with a quintessential Disney experience and while we’ll have substantially lower numbers of guests we want to make sure we do it in a responsible way so they can make those life long memories that last a lifetime.”

He also gave an interview to ABC’s Good Morning America. In that interview Chapek provided more details about how Disney executives arrived at their mid-July theme park reopening date, saying, “Well, it’s really a function of working backwards…How much time we need to open up responsibly…Procedures we’ll have to change dramatically. There’s going to be a lot more training, a lot more sanitation, a lot more hygiene, and, of course, social distancing.”

Chapek also discussed Disney World’s new reservation system saying, “And we’re also going to be introducing the brand new reservation system, so these things take time; And what we want to do is get it right the first time. Make steady progress and eventually be able to accommodate more and more Guests.”

Many Disney fans are concerned about the limited park experience (no fireworks, parades, character meet & greets, etc). To that Chapek said “The silver lining is that while not everything inside the park will be open, most things will be open…for those folks that are lucky enough to be able to get in that new reservation system, it’s going to be quite a magical day.”

You can watch the interview below:

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