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But Wait, There’s ANOTHER New Menu Item at The Polite Pig in Disney Springs!

Last week, we reported LIVE from the grand reopening of Disney Springs.

Disney Springs

We took you around to see the new health and safety protocols and to check out the reopened dining and shopping experiences. For the reopening, restaurants like The Basket at Wine Bar George have been rolling out new menu items (helloooo loaded fries) since the reopening and we just caught a glimpse of another new item over at The Polite Pig.

We at a lot on our first day back to Disney Springs — including The Polite Pig’s new pork rinds.

Pork Rinds

But for the reopening, they also added this beauty to their menu: Apple Cider & Bourbon Glazed Chicken Wings.

©Polite Pig via Twitter

We’ve tried their classic Polite Rub Chicken Wings (which we found to be deliciously crispy, but a little dry) and their seasonal Apple Cinnamon Wings (which were only available for a limited time!), so we are excited to see this new item joining the menu!

Apple Spice Glaze Chicken Wings

These Apple Cider & Bourbon Glazed Chicken Wings sound like they could be the perfect combination between the classic crispy wings and the sweet, juicy seasonal wings. We guess we’ll just have to try them out to see! ?

What is your favorite menu item at The Polite Pig? Let us know in the comments!

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