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Disney calls on Congress to provide $1 trillion in coronavirus relief to local governments


Business leaders and corporate executives in the state of California are urging members of Congress to approve a budget increase for state and local governments affected by COVID-19.

The business leaders are members of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s business recovery task force. Their objective is to help repair the economy by recovering jobs and business activity. The business recovery task force is specifically asking Congress to provide $1 trillion in pandemic relief for all U.S. states.

Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger is one member of the California business recovery task force. He is joined by nearly 100 other corporate leaders from companies such as Netflix, Salesforce, Facebook, and etc. Bob Iger is helping the task force since the Walt Disney Company represents a sizable part of the California economy. Stewardship is a big responsibility for business leaders because they must look out for the best interests of their employees and environment. Bob Iger and these other task force members are collaborating on how to best serve the interests of everyone during this national pandemic. The letter the task force sent to Congress includes the following excerpt:

“Reopening our economies is a welcome step forward, but the success of our efforts ultimately relies on building greater confidence among consumers that it is safe to shop and greater certainty for workers that the services they rely on to do their jobs will remain in place. Without that, we will be a re-opened economy in name only.”

They stress the importance of pandemic relief by stating how it will protect core government services and help people financially recover from the effects of COVID-19. Ensuring safety and helping people return to work are priorities mentioned in the letter to Congress.

Source: CNBC

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