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Do a Star Wars Movie Scavenger Hunt at Home

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

Looking for creative ways to entertain your kids at home? Do they need a new challenge or a way to practice skill sets? Maybe your child doesn’t even need something to do but they’re a massive Star Wars fan and would love an excuse to watch the original trilogy. Get ready to sign them up for the coolest online class in the galaxy: Star Wars Movie Scavenger Hunt!

The class is a one-week course, set up in two sessions. The first class is a 15-minute session after which students required to watch episodes 4-6, keeping count of events that occur multiple times, identifying objects in the background, and answering questions about characters. It enables kids to practice observation-based skills, such as listening and note-taking, as well as critical thinking. The second session is 45 minutes long and involves a Kahoot! competition to see who knows Star Wars best! Because no child wants to be the scruffy-looking nerf-herder who comes in last.

The sessions will take place in the first week of June, beginning Monday, June 1st at 7 pm. It’s considered appropriate for kids aged 10-15 and costs $12 per person. Pending the success of this class prequel classes may become available as well. So go ahead. Be a rebel and check it out for yourself! Sign up here.

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