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Do the Old Plush Rush Over to Disney Springs to Get These NEW Toy Story Socks!

Ducky and Bunny definitely gave us some of the best parts of Toy Story 4!


If you want to add a little toy-inspired sass to your wardrobe, you’re going to want to put on these Toy Story socks ASAP!

Ducky and Bunny go together like Woody and Buzz! That’s why the new Ducky and Bunny Socks are the perfect pair to showcase the hilarious duo.

Ducky and Bunny Socks

The colorful socks feature Ducky’s sweet smile and Bunny’s super excited face about the chance of being taken home with you!

Ducky and Bunny Socks

We also just love the fact that Bunny has a little hanger clip on the top of his head, like he does in the film — it just adds to his cuteness!

Ducky and Bunny Socks

You can pick up the Ducky and Bunny Socks for $13.99 at World of Disney in Disney Springs. Maybe pair these with some Forky socks or another iconic Disney duo, Panic and Pain from Hercules! Then put these on, kick back, and watch Toy Story 4 on Disney+.


Aren’t you glad we just gave you three brilliant ideas to go to Disney Springs, buy these socks, and watch Toy Story 4 on Disney+?! Boom. Weekend plans made!

Who’s your favorite Toy Story character? Let us know in the comments below!

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