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It’s a VERY Different Shopping Experience Now in the Lego Store in Disney World

There was another wave of stores that have reopened this week at Disney Springs. We were live yesterday at World of Disney, which drew in huge crowds resulting in wait times of up to six hours to shop!

Ears Section of World of Disney

Today we checked out The LEGO Store, which also opened on May 27. Being a store that was centered around hands-on playing with the Legos, shopping here is pretty different now with the new health and safety measurements in place!

Currently, there is only one working entrance to access The LEGO Store.

The only entrance to the LEGO Store

If outdoor queues are necessary, floor markers are present to indicate where guests should stand to maintain a six-foot distance from other parties.

Outside the LEGO Store

Once inside, guests will see additional floor markings to maintain social distancing from other shoppers.

Physical distancing floor markers in the LEGO Store

The store has taken several measures to reduce the number of touchpoints where germs could spread. Their interactive touch screen computers have been turned off. The bins with build-your-own parts for minifigs and Legos for guests to play were also unavailable at this time to reduce touching.

Computers are shut down in the LEGO Store

In addition, guests are NOT allowed to approach the shelves or touch ANY products inside the LEGO Store. This is indicated by taped-off sections of the store.

Taped off floor markings in the LEGO Store

Additional floor markings are present to remind guests to stay on the “yellow” area, in this instance meaning where the yellow floor markings are located. The floor marking reads, “Kindly stay within the yellow area of the floor.”

Guests must stay behind the blue line and not approach merchandise

If a guest wishes to see a product, LEGO Store employees are available to grab the item for them as well as talk about the product and answer any questions the guest may have.

LEGO Store employee shows a product to guests

When a guest is ready to check out, the registers are set up in a way so guests are off to the side of the employee instead of standing right in front of them.

Guests are off to the side of the employee in the LEGO Store

Hand sanitizer is readily available for guests and employees to use at the register.

Payment system in the LEGO Store, off to the side from the employee

Overall, the health and safety protocol at The LEGO Store are highly visible! With no guests permitted to touch or interact with the products, The LEGO Store may feel a little different than what we’re used to. Having employees on hand to interact with the guests though is a nice touch, and still offers guests the opportunity to learn about the products available for purchase.

Take a look at some of the other health and safety protocol we’ve seen at retail shops in Disney Springs here!

Are you planning on visiting Disney Springs in the coming weeks? Will you stop by The LEGO Store, even with these new distancing and no-touch policies in place? Let us know in the comments!

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