Josh Gad and GMA Surprise COVID-19 Heath Care Worker and Her Daughter

Josh Gad and GMA Surprise COVID-19 Heath Care Worker and Her Daughter. Ashley and her daughter Paige have sacrificed several months of time together as Ashley works hard in Pittsburg, PA to help COVID-19 patients and has not had a single day off since February 2020.

Good Morning America caught wind of Ashley’s story and wanted to help bring a little Disney magic to their day by organizing a conversation with Josh Gad after finding out Paige is a HUGE fan of Olaf and the Frozen franchise.

Photo Credit: GMA

Between reading bedtime stories on weeknights to help kids sleep, recording Olaf shortsfrom home to share with fans, and preparing for his busy future film schedule, Josh has been juggling all his tasks and still manages to make appearance on talk shows, news programs, and appearances in the Disney Family Singalongs! Whew, don’t forget to take a break once in a while Josh.

In the video, GMA host T.J. opens the video by first interviewing Ashley, then Paige, about all the hard work Ashley is doing for her patients About midway through their conversation T.J. brings up Paige’s love for Olaf and then surprises the pair with an appearance by Josh Gad himself! Gad shared a supportive message for Paige and Ashley and the two are left rather speechless during the whole exchange. At the end of the segment, Ashley shared a recorded video of Paige after the interview was over and she is simply bouncing with joy!

You can watch the adorable exchange in the video shared by Good Morning America below:

Oh. M. Goodness, isn’t Paige the cutest?!? She was clearly very excited to get to talk to Olaf and is supportive of her mommy’s hard work to help keep people safe and healthy! We loved seeing the joy on her face after months of sacrificed time together. Thank you Ashley for your dedication and work.

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Featured Photo Credit/Source: Good Morning America

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