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Lucasfilm Reveals Freaky Original Concept Art for “Baby Yoda” in The Mandalorian

Lucasfilm Reveals Freaky Original Concept Art for “Baby Yoda” in The Mandalorian. In the latest episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Lucasfilm and Disney revealed some of the original concept art for the internet sensation, The Child, aka Baby Yoda. The team received a ton of drawings and renderings for the character but ultimately chose a design based off Chris Alzmann’s now iconic character design.

The production team also knew they wanted to use the tried and true method at Lucasfilm of using puppetry and mechanics for realism rather than a CGI version of the character. One of the series stars, Werner Herzog was adamant the production team should ditch the idea of a contingency plan revolving around a CGI rendering of “The Child” for the series.

“It was a phenomenal achievement of sculpting mechanically. When I saw this, it was so convincing, it was so unique,” Herzog shared with The New York Times. “And then the producers talked about, ‘Shouldn’t we have a fallback version with green screen and have it be completely digitally created?’ I said to them: It would be cowardly. You are the trailblazers. Show the world what you can do.”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

We got lots and lots of drawings,” shared show runner and creator Jon Favreau in the latest episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. “Some of them were too cute, some of them were too ugly, some of them were the wrong proportions.”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

“It was finally that one image that Chris Alzmann did that had him wrapped up in what looked like a piece of a flight jacket or something,” the creator confessed. “And his eyes were a little weird, and he looked a little out of it, there was something a little off with it. But we found it charming, and that became the rallying image that we said, ‘This is good.’”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

It did not take long after the premiere of the first episode of The Mandalorian in November 2019 for the world to fall in love with Baby Yoda. Favreau previously credited Disney and Lucasfilm with the success of the series after they refrained from spoiling the characters appearance with the release of themed merchandise until after the series premiere, a very uncommon practice now a days.

Do you agree keeping “Baby Yoda” secret was a good idea? Were you surprised by the reveal at the end of Episode 1? Have you been enjoying The Mandalorian on Disney+? What do you think of the original concept art? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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