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M&M Store Takes Shape in Disney Springs

M&M store

There can never be enough chocolate; this saying seems to resonate with the folks at Walt Disney World as they announced the 2020 opening of an M&M retail location in Disney Springs back in December of 2019. The store is set to open sometime this year and has already begun construction. It will be located on the West Side, close to the NBA Experience. Luckily, now that Disney Springs has reopened, we can take a look at the progress!

So far, the outside matches the bright preview sketches shown last year. A bold M&M yellow is visible in the windows, and the signs advertise their website for shopping. But if you can stand to wait for your chocolate, the new store sounds like it will be worth it. The Mars Company has promised an interactive experience at their Disney Springs location. The vague description has piqued our curiosity, especially as the only other M&M store in Orlando (Florida mall) is already pretty amazing, with colorful merchandise and every option of M&M we could dream of.

While little is known about what lies behind the window obstructions, we do know that everything at Disney Springs goes above expectations. We can’t wait to see what’s inside! Now the only question is what kind of M&M’s we’ll be buying first.

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