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News! Vivoli il Gelato Will NOT Be Reopening Today in Disney Springs

Earlier we reported Vivoli il Gelato in Disney Springs would be among the second group of businesses to reopen on May 22nd (which is today!).

Vivoli il Gelato

But on our walk through Disney Springs this morning, it appears Vivoli il Gelato will NOT be reopening today.

When we stopped by Vivoli il Gelato shortly after 10AM (which was when they were supposed to open), the store was still locked up tightly and a “Sorry, we are closed” sign was posted on the door.

Vivoli il Gelato

We were able to speak with a Vivoli il Gelato employee who said he thinks they might be reopening next week, but he wasn’t 100% sure. He also didn’t know why the reopening had been delayed.

Since June 10th is Vivoli il Gelato’s five-year anniversary, the employee told us they are workings on some special menu items which may include a new shake, bombolato, and peanut butter cannoli! These specialty items haven’t been finalized yet, so things could change between now and when the store reopens, but we’ll definitely be on the lookout for them!

Vivoli il Gelato

Vivoli il Gelato is operated by the Patina Group, and so far, the other Disney Springs locations it owns are still on track to reopen today. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes, but so far, Morimoto Asia will be open from 4:30PM to 9PMMorimoto Asia Street Food from 11:30AM to 9PM, and Pizza Ponte from 12PM to 8PM.

Were you planning on going to Vivoli il Gelato today? Let us know if this change affected your plans in the comments below.

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