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Orange County requires everyone to wear a mask in public

Orange County requires everyone to wear a mask in public Orange County

Earlier today, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings issued a statement in regards to new health and safety precautions. The central Florida area has seen a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus in the past 10 days. Starting this weekend, every person in Orange County must wear a face mask in public.

“We do not want to experience another shutdown in our community,” Demings said. In the future, the county could also see more restrictions go into effect to help protect people during this pandemic.

The order will take effect starting at 12:00 AM EST  this Saturday. The face mask requirement will remain in place indefinitely. It’s important to note that people are permitted to take off the mask while eating or drinking, but they must wear the mask as they enter such establishments. Employees of businesses must wear a face covering at all times. People who are exercising outside are exempt from the order.

“We’re buying time with this measure,” Demings said until a vaccine or cure for the virus is found.

It’s been established for a while now that guests going to Walt Disney World Resort would be required to wear a face mask. Now it’s important to keep in mind that all public places in Orange County will also require face masks going forward for the indefinite future.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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