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Our Baby Yoda Obsession Just Leveled Up With These New Love Your Melon Headbands and Hats!

Yesterday, we told you the Baby Yoda Plush was going to be released for its third-time on the Build-A-Bear website today! 

The Child plush

It’s already sold out twice, and we know many of you are anxious to get one! But since you have little time to kill before the pre-waiting room opens at 11:30AM CST, we wanted to show you some other hard-to-get Baby Yoda items!

We’ve already shown you Love Your Melon’s Baby Yoda Beanies, but now the brand has just released two new accessories inspired by The Child — Baby Yoda Headbands and Baby Yoda Washed Denim Hats!

©Love Your Melon

The Baby Yoda Headbands are made of soft, lightweight t-shirt material, perfect for workouts or wearing on those hot summer days headed our way! They cost $25 each and are available in four different colors!

©Love Your Melon

It’s the perfect way to pull back your bangs and show off your love of Baby Yoda at the same time!

©Love Your Melon

Meanwhile, the Baby Yoda Washed Denim Hat for $40 is equally-adorable! Our hearts levitate with joy when we see the cute little embroidered Baby Yoda design on its front!

©Love Your Melon

Seriously? How can we resist this little guy? He’s just too cute! Plus, you can choose from four different colors of washed denim including white, black, tan, and green!

©Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is embroidered on the back of the hat as well. We can’t wait to wear it all summer long!

©Love Your Melon

The new Baby Yoda Headbands and Baby Yoda Washed Denim Hats were released yesterday and have already sold out, but they’re currently still available for preorder! Love Your Melon also donates a portion of its proceeds to the fight against pediatric cancer which we’re all about supporting, so check ’em out today on their website here!

What do you think of Love Your Melon’s new Baby Yoda collection? Let us know if you’re excited about it in the comments below!

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