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PHOTOS! Umm…Where’d All the People Go in Disney Springs?!

While several third-party restaurants and stores have reopened this week in Disney Springs, crowds have really thinned out since Wednesday.

No Traffic Around Disney Springs This Morning

When we arrived at 10AM to visit some of the restaurants we knew would be reopening today (although one of them didn’t) we were surprised to see what a literal ghost town Disney Springs has become.

Crowds were relatively light on May 20th when many retailers and restaurants opened their doors to the public after being shuttered since mid-March. But yesterday and today, we’ve noticed attendance has dropped off significantly.

Disney Springs

We did hear from several Cast Members on Wednesday that many guests showed up only to realize World of Disney wasn’t open yet. World of Disney along with other Disney-owned locations will reopen in Disney Springs on May 27th.

Disney Springs

Many of the employees we talked with feel like once World of Disney reopens, things might pick up again, but so far, business has really slowed down.

Disney Springs

Disney is also currently working on plans to reopen its theme parks (which could be submitted to the Orange County Mayor by as early as next week).

No Wait Joffrey’s This Morning

We did see pockets of people here and there and some businesses seemed to think things might pick up a little over the weekend, but they expect things to remain relatively calm until major anchor stores like World of Disney reopen.

Disney Springs

The most people we saw today were waiting in line while social distancing in front of Vera Bradley. This was the first store at Disney Springs we were able to confirm had face masks for sale.

Line Outside of Vera Bradley

We’ve also now confirmed American Threads and The Polite Pig also have face masks for purchase. We’ll continue to monitor the crowd levels here and let you know if anything changes once World of Disney reopens next Wednesday, but for now, we’ll enjoy all this extra elbow room at Disney Springs while it lasts.

What is your favorite shop or restaurant at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below.

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