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Photos: We Tried Out The NEW Addition To The Polite Pig’s Menu in Disney Springs

Disney Springs began a phased reopening on May 20th, and we stopped by to check it out.

The Polite Pig

Disney Springs began reopening with additional health and safety measures. While not all locations chose to resume operations immediately, The Polite Pig is one of the third-party restaurants that reopened with Disney Springs. So, we stopped by on our visit to Disney Springs to see what it looked like on its first day back in operation.


Polite Pig is still using the same overhead digital menu as before in addition to one posted outside.

Polite Pig Menu

Or you can grab your phone and scan to view the menu from the contactless menu QR code!

Polite Pig Menu

The restaurant had decals on the floor letting guests know where to stand. Once you wait your turn, you order at the register like normal.

Polite Pig

The Polite Pig installed plexiglass dividers to protects guests and cast members, but we were able to pay with a card using the pin pad.

Polite Pig Ordering

The Polite Pig is still offering an extensive menu and even added a new Pork Rinds option. We confirmed with a couple of cast members that Polite Pig is not selling Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies at this time because Gideon’s is still limiting their production. We will for sure keep you posted on this.


Polite Pig is still seat yourself, but the seating appeared to be spaced a little further apart than we have seen in the past. There were no signs denoting that any tables were off-limits, so we picked a table and waited for our food.

The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig

Tables remain equipped with paper towel holders and we admit — we used some hand sanitizer before and after out of respect for ourselves and the next guests.

Polite Pig Paper Towels on Table

Polite Pig gave us a buzzer with a number for our server to find us once the food was ready.


Face coverings are required for all guests and cast members in Disney Springs and Polite Pig was no exception. Each cast member was wearing a mask and they even had their own branded Polite Pig masks. Cast members at the front were wiping down high-traffic areas like poles and railings after guests passed by.

Polite Pig

Sauces are still available, but they are no longer help yourself. You’ll need to let your server know what you want and they will grab it for you.

Polite Pig Sauce Bar Closed

Our server delivered our food with a smile — and gloves!

Polite Pig

Then, it was time to chow down.


We tried out the new Pork Rinds — for science! And it’s the Polite Pig, after all, so we tried some crispy pig skins…to be polite!

They were served with a pimento dipping sauce. Pork rinds with a sauce was an interesting concept, but hey — we love a good sauce.

Polite Pig

The rinds themselves weren’t spicy, but the pimento sauce has a kick. Rind and spice lovers, this may be your new jam.


The Polite Pig Bar was closed, but the soft-serve beverage station was still self-serve. There was a small divider between the stations to help limit contact between parties.

Polite Pig Sauce Bar Closed

Overall Experience

Our experience at Polite Pig was very similar to our past visits. Sure, there were extra dividers and we needed our server’s help to grab sauces, but the overall process was familiar. We appreciated the servers using gloves and cast members sanitizing high traffic areas. But we probably could have done without the paper towels on the table and –although they were tasty — the pork rinds didn’t come close to beating out the killer corn!

Have you eaten at The Polite Pig? Share your experience in the comments!

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