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Review! Where to Find Pizza Slices the Size of Your HEAD in Disney Springs!

We’ve been munching our way around Disney Springs lately as many third-party stores and restaurants have recently reopened!

Pizza Ponte Menu

And while last week we dug into some Pepperoni Pizza Bread at Earl of Sandwich, today we’re seeking out a different masterpiece of bread, cheese, and sauce!

That’s right, we’re swinging back around to Pizza Ponte, one of our favorite by-the-slice Disney Springs pizza joints!

Pizza Ponte

Although Pizza Ponte wasn’t part of the first batch of restaurants to reopen in Disney Springs last Wednesday, it did reopen last Friday along with a few other Patina Group locations.

Check out the safety measures Pizza Ponte has implemented since they’ve reopened here!

Pizza Ponte Bakery Case

You can work up quite an appetite doing recon at Disney Springs these days, so we stopped by Pizza Ponte to grab a quick lunch bite! Their menu is pretty straight-forward and simple to read through at-a-glance if you’re in a hurry like us! In addition to pizza, you’ll find a few Sandwiches, Salads, and dessert offerings including Tiramisu, Cheesecake, and Cannolis!

Pizza Ponte Dessert Menu

We went straight for a giant slice of their Pepperoni Pizza for $7.25 along with one of their irresistible-looking Cannolis for $8! There were two varieties of Cannolis available in the bakery case today, but only one of them had extra chocolate chips which sealed the deal on this one for us!

Pizza Ponte Lunch

Now the pizza slices here at Pizza Ponte are New York-style, meaning they’re two paper-platers and sometimes require strategic folding to get them into your mouth — not that we mind the extra effort in the slightest!

Pepperoni Pizza

And if you consider yourself to be pepperoni aficionados like us, you’ll be happy to know Pizza Ponte uses the GOOD kind of peps on their pizza. These are the ones that curl up into little cups of deliciousness when they’re baked in the oven — we’re talking pure out-of-body pepperoni BLISS!

The pep cups are crunchy and yummy while the sauce is tangy and sweet. Plus the cheese is salty and all ooey-gooey — the folks at Pizza Ponte will even throw your slice back into the oven when you order it to make sure it’s nice and toasty right before you chow down!

Pepperoni Pizza

For us, we definitely prefer this type of pizza over Disney World’s standard quick-service pizza which is thicker and doughier. The cheese-to-bread-to sauce ratio is much better, plus Pizza Ponte’s slice packs a ton of flavor. The oils from the pepperoni really send this one over the top for us. Glancing at our watches, we just realized it must be Cannoli o’clock because it’s time for dessert!


Both types of Cannolis at Pizza Ponte had today were stuffed with the same sweet orange chocolate chip filling but the one we picked up had extra chocolate chips on the outside! Just like our pizza slice, Pizza Ponte has some pretty hefty-sized Cannolis too!


We loved the crunchy shell which wasn’t super sweet and balanced out the rich, creamy filling nicely! If you’re a fan of Vivoli il Gelato’s Cannolis (including their more-unique seasonal flavors!), we think you’ll also really enjoy Pizza Ponte’s since they’re owned by the same restaurant group!

Nosh or Not?

Check out Pizza Ponte if:

  • If you didn’t snag a dining reservation to one of Disney Springs’ table service restaurants
  • Need to grab a quick meal on the cheap
  • Enjoy tasty NY style pizza made from quality ingredients

Don’t go to Pizza Ponte if:

  • Have time to enjoy a sit-down meal at one of Disney Springs’ other restaurants
  • Pizza is just pizza to you — you don’t really notice a difference between one slice and another
  • Haven’t tried more unique Disney Springs fast-food spots like Chicken Guy! yet


Pizza Ponte ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a quick ‘n easy meal option for adults and kids alike! After all, who can resist gigantic floppy slices of delicious cheesy pizza with high-quality toppings? We know we CAN’T! While it’s not the BEST place to grab a slice of pizza in all of Disney World, for the price, it’s hard to find a tastier or more convenient pizza option at Disney Springs!

And don’t forget — there are many other places to grab a bite at Disney Springs.

For another equally fast and tasty option, check out the lunch we just enjoyed at Morimoto Asia Street Food here!

Have you ever had a slice at Pizza Ponte in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!

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