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THIS IS THE WAY to Find a Gift For Father’s Day If Your Dad’s a Star Wars Fan!

Looking for the PERFECT gift to give dad this Father’s Day (which seems to be approaching at lightspeed!!)?


Good news! You don’t need to search the entire galaxy for a gift if the cool guy in your life is down with Baby Yoda and other Star Wars stuff!

There’s only one place you need to go, and you can go there right now in your pajamas WITHOUT leaving your couch! That’s right, shopDisney has just added a bunch of Star Wars-themed men’s accessories to its website like this Mandalorian Tie Bar for $40.99!

©shopDisney Mandalorian Tie Bar

Click here to buy the Mandalorian Tie Bar!

Of if your dad’s more of a droid boy, check out this sweet D-O Tie Bar for $40.99!

©shopDisney D-O Tie Bar

Purchase the D-O Tie Bar here!

Dads far and wide are going to have a blast rockin’ these new Baby Yoda Cufflinks for $70.99! Just wait until the other fellas see these cuties! Just like sweet Baby Yodes, they’ll be green with envy!

©shopDisney The Child Cufflinks

Click here to buy the Baby Yoda Cufflinks!

How debonair is this Mando Pocket Square for $28.99? We think it really pulls the whole Star Wars look together!

©shopDisney Mando Pocket Square

Click here to buy the Mando Pocket Square!

There’s also this groovy Stormtrooper Pocket Square for $28.99! We think this one looks like it means business!

©shopDisney Stormtrooper Pocket Square

Buy the Stormtrooper Pocket Square here!

And we think this Darth Vader Pocket Square for $28.99 really sends a strong message — don’t cross the BOSS!

©shopDisney Darth Vader Pocket Square

To buy the Darth Vader Pocket Square, click here!

We love how it’ll look next to this Darth Vader Paisley Tie for $58.99! Funny — until now we never thought of Darth Vader as a paisley man, but the pattern really seems to suit him! ?

©shopDisney Darth Vader Paisley Tie

Click here to buy the Darth Vader Paisley Tie!

There’s also this handsome Darth Vader Silk Lightsaber Tie for $58.99. This design really screams, “Luke, I am your Father!” to us. Hopefully your relationship with your dad isn’t quite so complicated!

©shopDisney Darth Vader Silk Lightsaber Tie

Purchase the Darth Vader Silk Lightsaber Tie here!

Last but not least, check out this Millennium Falcon Tie for $58.99. We think it would make the perfect gift for the co-pilot in your life!

©shopDisney Millennium Falcon Tie

Click here to buy the Millennium Falcon Tie!

Looking for even more ways to celebrate dad this Father’s Day?

Why not check out some of the tasty Father’s Day offerings some of the Disney Springs’ restaurants will be preparing — see some of their special menu items here!

Do you have any special plans for Father’s Day this year? Let us know what they are in the comments below!

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