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Review! YES. We’re Eating Pepperoni Pizza Bread and Mac & Cheese at Earl of Sandwich in Disney World!

We’re back at Disney Springs today to eat…again — we ATE at A LOT of restaurants yesterday, which you can see here!

Earl of Sandwich

We’re here ready to do lunch at Disney World’s Earl of Sandwich today. Let’s go check it out!

Earl of Sandwich continues to use disposable paper menus today (as we mentioned yesterday)!

Earl of Sandwich Menu

Originally, we had plans to order a side of Wings and Wedges which were on the menu, but we were told they didn’t have them in stock.

Earl of Sandwich Menu

We ended up going with Hawaiian BBQ, Wings, Mac and Cheese, and Pepperoni Pizza Bread instead — with a side of Frose! Like we mentioned yesterday, each register has a newly-installed plexiglass shield.

Earl of Sandwich Counter

In the dining room there are fewer tables and they have been spaced apart. Most of the tables inside were occupied.

Earl of Sandwich

There were still places for some guests to sit off to the side.

Earl of Sandwich

When we placed our order we were given a pager.

Pager at Earl of Sandwich

We went to get our order from the pick-up window which has also been enclosed with more plexiglass. Everything was wrapped to-go and we carried our lunch outside where the tables have also been moved around to give guests more space to dine.

Earl of Sandwich Order


For $8.99 this Frose was pretty darn tasty. We would definitely order it again on a hot day at Disney Springs!

Earl of Sandwich Order

Next, we located our plastic cutlery — the handles were unwrapped while the ends were covered in plastic.

Earl of Sandwich

We dove right into the Mac and Cheese for $5.49, (which we already knew would be freaking awesome, only somehow it seemed tastier than ever before!) as it just our imagination or was there an extra layer of cheese melted on top? Either way, it totally hit the spot.

Mac and Cheese

Next, we got to work on our Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich which cost us $7.99! Hello, old friend! How we missed your shiny metallic red, blue, and silver foil wrapper!

Earl of Sandwich

Oh my goodness, you guys. The flavors in this sandwich are such a good mix. Let’s just say Earl of Sandwich knew what they were doing when they created this anything-but-little tropical delight!

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

Even if you’re normally completely against pineapple on anything warm, you might actually want more pineapple on this bad boy! The ham was really tasty while the chicken in the sandwich isn’t very flavorful on its own, but when you bite into all the ingredients at once, it’s a mind-blowing experience.

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

Last up, the Pepperoni Pizza Bread for $6.99. For us, this looked a whole lot better than it ended up being. We think the pizza at Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza or Pizza Ponte are better options if you’re in the mood. The pizza itself was good, but the crust was a little thick for our liking and it had a little too much sauce. We can be a little nit-picky when it comes to our pizza, though, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

Pepperoni Pizza Bread


Wow! We can’t believe how long it’s been since we enjoyed some Earl of Sandwich! We’re VERY full and energized after such a tasty meal! The food was fresh, filling, and delicious. Dining  here is a little different due to all of the changes, but our service and food were great!

Have you ever eaten at Earl of Sandwich before? Let us know what you like to order in the comments below!

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