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What’s New at Disney Springs: lululemon Construction, Reopening Dining Locations, and a NEW Patio Project

Hey, everybody! Disney Springs is open and you know what that means, right? It’s time for another roundup of What’s New at Disney Springs!

Hi old friend!

Whew! It’s been a LONG TIME since we got to write that! In fact, the last time we were here (before this week, of course) we saw Disney Springs as it was gettin’ ready to undergo its lengthy closure! Click here to reminisce with us!

While Disney Springs isn’t in full-swing yet several third-party restaurants and retail locations are now open while more Disney-owned locations are set to reopen May 27th.

World of Disney

During our visit we revisited some locations and took another stroll around the shopping and dining district! Let’s see what Disney Springs has been up to in its first couple of days back in action!

Disney Springs Construction Update

Ample Hills Creamery

On our visit yesterday, we spotted a few construction projects in the works. One of these highly anticipated projects is Ample Hills CreameryOur favorite spot to grab an ice cream taco is adding a second location to Disney World.

Ample Hills Construction

Along with its location at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, the Disney Springs location was slated to open this past winter. Due to the temporary closures, that was clearly pushed back, but we hope to see progress on this location soon!


Another project we’ve been tracking for some time now is Beatrix. This neighborhood market restaurant will feature a menu of fresh, healthy ingredients, in addition to a selection of fresh-squeezed juice cocktails. Sign us up!

Beatrix Construction

It looks like work on Beatrix is still underway, although we have been following this for quite some time — we were reporting on construction updates all the way back in September of last year! Hopefully with business operations resuming, we’ll hear an update soon on Beatrix!

Beatrix Construction

Homecomin’ Shine Bar & Social

We also checked out the work being done at Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming! While the restaurant has yet to reopen, there was plenty of new and exciting things to see!

Chef Art Smith!

There will soon be a new patio bar in town! Homecomin’ Shine Bar & Social is currently under construction, and it sounds like there’s more moonshine in store for us to try!

Chef Art Smith Shine Bar & Social

We currently do not have a projected timeline of this project or when we can expect it to open, but we will definitely be keeping a close eye on this one!


And calling all yogis, this next construction update is for you! We learned back in February that lululemon is coming to Disney Springs!

lululemon Construction

And from the looks of it, we may not have to wait too long to fill our shopping carts with new yoga pants — they’re currently slated to open Summer 2020!

lululemon Construction

With upcoming runDisney marathon weekends and folks looking to get in their daily steps at Disney World, this could be a very welcomed addition to Disney Springs.

Disney Springs Food Update


Today, the West Side Starbucks location is opened.

West Side Starbucks Line

Currently, only Mobile Order is available via the Starbucks app, but now there are two Disney Springs locations where you can grab your favorite iced latte!

Inside West Side Starbucks

And of course we had to order an ice-cold drink to cool us down on this hot Florida afternoon!

Starbucks Coffee!!

But that’s not the only thing Starbucks has been up to since Disney Springs reopened! We got the sweetest welcome back yesterday when we saw they were serving up a special “Welcome Back” drink!

Starbucks Menu

This special limited-time drink is mango, dragonfruit refresher, coconut milk, strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple ginger syrup topped with golden ginger whipped cream! 

Welcome Back Drink at Starbucks

There’s nothing like a brand-new Starbucks drink to welcome us back to Disney Springs!

Earl of Sandwich

We also stopped by Earl of Sandwich to grab some food and see what dining there is like! We swung by yesterday to see what new health and safety protocols were in place, but we wanted the FULL experience today, sandwich and all!

Earl of Sandwich

We spoke with some awesome employees at Earl of Sandwich who told us crowds today were much less intense than yesterday. It seemed like the mad reopening day rush has subsided and they have not seen any huge groups of more than four or five guests at a time.

Earl of Sandwich

Disney Springs Merchandise Update

Time to get our shop on! We gained a lot of insight yesterday on what the new shopping experience in Disney Springs is like. From floor markings to signage just about everywhere you looked, the shops were all implementing new health and safety procedures.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley

On the hunt for face masks, we only found one store that is currently selling them! You can find face masks at Vera Bradley on sale for $8.00 per mask.

Vera Bradley Face Mask


Speaking of things to look forward to, while lovepop is not open yet, we spotted some ADORABLE greeting cards that we can’t wait to scoop up.


There were a couple of cards we recognized that we’re glad to see are still in stock, like this adorable pop-up Baby Yoda card.

Baby Yoda!

We also found a SECOND Baby Yoda card, because there’s no such thing as too much Baby Yoda!

MORE Baby Yoda at lovepop!

For a more ‘traditional’ Star Wars fan, we also spotted this Yoda birthday card!

Buy this card, you will.

If you’re celebrating a birthday soon in Disney Springs, pick up this pop-up Mickey Mouse cupcake card!


And finally, this classic Mickey Mouse through the years card stole our hearts!


Each location has implemented new health and safety procedures a little differently. We will continue to keep you updated as more stores reopen. Just as a reminder, Disney-owned locations will begin reopening May 27th.

At this time Walt Disney World theme parks and Resort hotels still remain closed until further notice but now that Disney Springs has started to gradually reopen, we’ll be providing you with lots of coverage! That’s all for this installment of What’s New in Disney Springs — until next time, friends! Stay healthy and stay positive!

What’s your favorite store or restaurant in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below!

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