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The Chicken Guy! Reopening in Disney World Had LONG LINES and New Procedures. Check Out Our Experience Here!

You’ve already joined us for many of our Disney Springs stops today if you’ve been following along with our live coverage, and now it’s time to make another one!

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Let’s head off to Chicken Guy! next to see how it compares to our pre-closure visits.


It looks like a bunch of folks were gearin’ up for some Guy Fieri goodness this morning before the restaurant officially opened.  Chicken Guy! will be open every day from 11:30AM until 9:30PM for the time being.

Chicken Guy!

We got a kick out of the markers indicating where guests could stand out front which had little chicken feet on them. Very clever!

Chicken Guy!

There was also a Chicken Guy! greeter manning the front door. Since Chicken Guy! is rather small, he was only allowing guests in a few at a time.


Inside the restaurant, a plexiglass shield has been installed at each cash register and also along the counter where the food is prepared.

Chicken Guy!

The chicken feet markers showing guests where to stand were present on the inside as well.


When it was our turn, we walked up to the counter and placed our order.

Cash Register

Chicken Guy! was still accepting all forms of payment while the workers who were taking orders and payment weren’t doing anything else. Their card reader was a swipe-your-own-card type of situation.

Limited Menu

Chicken Guy! had previously announced they are using single-use menus instead of their reusable menus. We also noticed their menu board appeared to show everything as available (many other locations have offered limited menus).

Chicken Guy! Menu


All employees were wearing face coverings (which are required for all guests and cast members in Disney Springs). When it was time to pick up our food, a server called out our name and handed us our food (that way, people didn’t huddle up by the pick-up window.)

Chicken Guy

Another server was stationed at the self-serve beverage station to get your drink for you.

Serving Soft Drinks

Tables and Seating

While it can be hard to find a table inside Chicken Guy! sometimes, it might be even more difficult now that tables are more spaced apart and there appear to be fewer of them.

Chicken Guy!

Chicken Guy! announced they altered their seating arrangement to promote social distancing and are sanitizing tables between each party. It’s too bad their expansion project hasn’t been completed yet since this restaurant could use some extra indoor seating.


Since we’d already stuffed ourselves silly, we didn’t order a meal at Chicken Guy! today. Instead, we opted for this very light and refreshing Triple Double Mint Shake instead! ?

Chicken Guy Triple Double Mint Shake

We’re just kidding around — there’s nothing LIGHT about any of Chicken Guy’s milkshakes! They’re the real DEAL!

Overall Experience

Chicken Guy! was visibly implementing all of the safety measures they’d announced before opening. The biggest takeaways were the full menu and the fact that you won’t be able to use the self-service beverage station for the time being, Before your next visit, you can check out our full review of Chicken Guy! from before the closures here!

Would you visit a fast food location with these protocols in place? Let us know in the comments!

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