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The Full GUIDE to Decoding Disney World’s Social Distancing Stickers

Disney Springs has finally re-opened to guests so they can enjoy dining and shopping locations all around the property.

Disney Springs

While we’ve taken you with us LIVE to check out the reopening, given you the deets on new health and safety procedures, and our overall experience, it can be a little bit confusing to navigate Disney Springs right now.

Since stores, restaurants, and the property in general have put up distancing signs and stickers, it’s a lot to take in (especially since it’s so new!). We totally understand that things can be a bit tricky to figure out when every place has their own way of promoting distance! There’s no set method for how signs or stickers should look quite yet, so it’s not as simple as hopping from one restaurant to the next and expecting the same stickers.

Disney Springs

Even though we know it can be a bit overwhelming to see all the new procedures, we’re here to help you navigate Disney Springs like a pro by giving you a guide to the new distancing measures!

Please Stand With Your Party Here

Many locations across Disney Springs have been using stickers on the ground to indicate where guests should and shouldn’t stand while they are waiting to enter an area. We’ve spotted a lot of different restaurants and stores using these pretty standard red and white indicators that ask guests to stand with their party on the stickers.

Pizza Ponte

But, a couple places like The Polite Pig

Polite Pig

…and Basin have their own special stickers. But the concept is the same.

Basin Reopening

Group your part together, stand on a marker, and wait for the sticker in front of you to clear before you move forward.

Please Stand With Your Party Behind This Line

However, a couple of locations around Disney Springs are using social distancing indicators that ask guests to stand behind the safety line instead of on it! These are typically placed at the start of a line and ask you to stand behind the line before the next register or temperature check station are cleared for you to approach — or to remind you to leave distance between you and the Cast Member assisting you.

Distancing marker

Some of the places we’ve noticed this at include Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill, 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck, Sunshine Churros, and Häagen Dazs.

Sunshine Churros Marker

Just be sure to keep an eye out for the difference between the “please stand here” and “please stand behind this line” stickers as they look very similar!

Behind the Line? How Far Behind the Line?

Since Disney Springs is making sure to keep guests and Cast Members safe, it’s important to remember to distance yourself 6 feet apart from another person! And when a sticker says “stand behind this line,” guests could use a little direction about how far back they can actually stand while keeping distance from the party behind them. So Disney is also using markers to clarify where NOT to stand while you’re in Disney Springs.

World of Disney

When you first enter Disney Springs, the temperature check areas will have some of these signs to distance the guests waiting from the guests going through the temperature checks at the time. You’ll make your way through the line hopping from one “please stand here” sticker to the next, but right before you have your temperature checked, you’ll leave your “please stand here” sticker and walk forward until you reach a “stay behind this line” marker. You will pass over a “do not stand here” marker on the ground that reminds the guests behind you not to approach the temperature check until yours is complete.

New Protocols to Enter Disney Springs

Don’t be nervous, the “do not stand here” signs aren’t hot lava — you can walk over them. But please be respectful to other guests and make sure you’re not camping out on them or breathing down someone’s neck in line. ?

There are other forms of “do not stand here” stickers like at the Amphicars at The Boathouse. You are free to observe, but make sure your party stays outside of the “do not stand” zone to give other groups enough space.

The Boathouse Amphicar Do Not Stand Markers

Restaurants like Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza have their own methods to show where visitors shouldn’t stand. We’d like to note that, during our visit, we perceived some of the “X” patterns on the ground as social distancing indicators. However, there might need to be some clarification to guests about what the safety protocol means and how to enforce it. We imagine the extra tape on the ground is to encourage guests to leave space between themselves and the sneeze guard for some extra protection.

Blaze Pizza

But in a case like Blaze Pizza, if the stickers don’t give explicit instructions, you may be better off asking a Cast Member for direction or defaulting to a little game of Frogger.

Specialty Directions

Since there is no set standard for how stickers should look, a few spots around Disney Springs have specialty indicators specific to their stores. At Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea, there are coffee beans on the ground for each party to stand on. One party is allowed to stand on each of the 6 bean spots in the coffee shop and must stay there until the bean in front of them has cleared. Note that guests can’t stay inside Joffrey’s to drink their coffee, though!

Joffrey’s Coffee Bean Distancing Markers

Blaze Pizza also used similar stickers, but with little flames to go along with their “Fast Fire’d Pizza!” Guests were asked to do the same as Joffrey’s by standing on a flame until the one in front of them cleared.

Blaze Pizza Line

We also noticed specialty stickers at Chicken Guy!

Chicken Guy!

…and Earl of Sandwich. So when in doubt, hop on a sticker like these.

Earl of Sandwich

While Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC may not have cute little cookie stickers (suggestion, maybe??), the store is practicing a different form of distancing by only allowing one party into the bakery at a time. Guests are asked to stand behind the red tape and inside the square boxes while they wait for their order.

Erin McKenna’s Tape on the Ground

Physical Distancing Reminders

Since many guests are excited to be back in Disney Springs, it can be easy to forget to distance yourself when you’re walking through an open area. Stores and restaurants throughout the property have reminders on the ground to stay 6 feet apart whether you are waiting in line or not.

Pizza Ponte

Distancing Stickers

Ron Jon Surf Shop

The restrooms across Disney Springs also have signs out front that ask guests to keep the minimum distance between themselves and others.

Restroom Sign

Social Distancing may not be the firs thing on your mind as you’re roaming the open air pathways around Disney Springs. That’s why the dining and shopping district has put some arrows on its bridges to show the flow of traffic. Instead of risking bumping into opposing traffic, each side of the bridge has a marked direction to walk as you’re crossing.

Disney Springs Bridge

In short, treat it like you’re driving (in the U.S., that is), stick to the right side of the road!

Table Distancing

As a part of the social distancing measures in restaurants, seating and capacity have been limited. While the Cast Members have been trained to know where guests can go, there are also reminders on the tables about which spots are currently unavailable — in case you’re at a seat-yourself location (like Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza).

Blaze Pizza

Table Stickers Wolfgang Puck

Note that seating at some to-go dining locations, such as The Basket at Wine Bar George, has been removed and reclaimed for dine-in guests of Wine Bar George restaurant only.

The Boathouse is even using black and white tablecloths to show which tables are open! Guests are seated at the white covered tables, while the black tables are off limits for the time being.

The Boathouse Reopening Interior

In summary, we know you are very capable of following basic directions…but once you actually get to Disney Springs, it can be a new experience and might take some getting used to. Know that everyone around you is also getting used to it at the same time, so it’s okay if you need to ask a Cast Member for extra guidance (there are plenty of them scattered all throughout Disney Springs). Most spots are using some sort of “please stand here” marker, whether it be little feet, dots, or rectangles. But be sure to steer clear of the big “do not stand here” rectangles and give the Cast Members a little extra space once you get to the front of the line. Remember to “be safe” and “be kind,” friends! Also, be sure to let us know if you still have questions about the reopening of Disney Springs or about the new distancing stickers!

Have you been to Disney Springs since its re-opening? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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