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REVIEW! We Found BEER CHEESE…at Morimoto Asia in Disney World?!

Disney Springs began its phased reopening on May 20th to welcome guests back to its third-party restaurants and stores.

Morimoto Asia

Since there are plenty of new health and safety procedures in place across Disney Springs, restaurants are limiting capacity and implementing social distancing measures. And, while we gave you ALL the details on dining in Disney Springs, we’re back again for more food! But, this time, we’re heading to Morimoto Asia for some Japanese cuisine.

Check In

When you first arrive at the restaurant, there are is a line for guests with reservations to the left, with distancing stickers on the ground.

Morimoto Asia Line

And, there’s a separate line for drop-in guests to the right of the restaurant.

Morimoto Asia Distancing Signs


Every time we walk into Morimoto Asia, we can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL the atmosphere is! It feels like you’re walking into a magical fantasy with its string light chandeliers (which fit right into Disney World!).

Morimoto Asia

Although we noticed that the cocktail bar and sushi bar were both closed, you can still order both of them at your table! So, don’t worry — you can get that Sake with your meal!

Morimoto Asia Sign

Annnd, you’re going to want to pull out your phone to check the menu since Morimoto Asia is only using a QR menu for the time being.

Morimoto Sign

If you don’t have a compatible device, notify your servers and they will be able to assist you! But know that Morimoto Asia is operating with a limited menu, so your favorite meal might not be available at this time.


As we were deciding what to get, our server told us that two new drinks were debuting at the restaurant!

Forbidden Highball and Sparkling Belvedere

The Sparkling Belvedere is Morimoto’s twist on a Cosmo made with belvedere vodka, yuzu, cranberry, and topped with sparkling rosé for $18. Just like a regular Cosmo, the Sparkling Belvedere was delicious and SUPER refreshing. But, the most unique part of the cocktail was the citrusy yuzu — which added some tartness to the otherwise sweeter flavors!

Sparkling Belvedere

The Forbidden Highball is a simple combination of Toki Japanese whiskey and soda water, but don’t be fooled — it packs a lot of flavor! We were actually surprised that the drink was made with whiskey since it is so light. Our server told us that Morimoto is actually one of the few restaurants in the United States that sells Toki. So, in order to make the Forbidden Highball, Morimoto had to get a special machine called the Toki Highball to mix the drink properly.

Forbidden Highball

You can grab the Forbidden Highball for $16!


After we ordered, we were given disposable plastic silverware and chopsticks to use. We started our meal off with the Cauliflower and Cheese Spring Rolls for $16, which actually surprised us by how much of a treat they are!

Cauliflower Spring Rolls

While most restaurants with Asian cuisine might leans towards a more traditional Spring Roll, Morimoto’s unique twist was extremely good with plenty of cheese packed into the flaky rolls.

Inside the Cauliflower Spring Rolls

The Cauliflower and Cheese Spring Rolls also came with a side of Buffalo Beer Cheese Sauce, which is SO GOOD. We won’t pass up an opportunity for some extra cheese with a spicy kick! ?

Buffalo Beer Cheese Sauce

After all that cheesy goodness, we decided to try the Buri Bop and Beef Lo Mein for our main courses. And, if you have never had Buri Bop, it’s basically a little show as it’s prepared in front of you for $36 ! Iron Chef Morimoto actually won Japan’s Iron Chef Competition with this recipe, so it’s one of the restaurant’s favorite things to serve up. (We stan an iconic dish!)

Buri Bop Being Made!

The chef started with raw Japanese yellowtail and a raw egg with rice and veggies (including chili curls that look BOMB). It was presented in a 550 degree hot bowl (!!!) and the chef seared the fish on it while he stirred the other ingredients and cooked the egg.

Anybody Else Super Hungry Now??

If the show doesn’t sound interesting enough, the flavors of the dish were AH-MAZING. Even if you aren’t normally a fan of fish this Buri Bop might just change your mind!

Yellowtail Fish

The bowl was packed with flavors of ginger and soy in every bite of the yellowtail and rice. Since the Buri Bop sat in the hot dish, the rice at the bottom got all crispy, which was a great texture contrast to the other soft ingredients.

Buri Bop

And, believe it or not, our meal got even better since the Beef Lo Mein was also incredible! The dish was made with stir-fried noodles, beef tenderloin, napa cabbage, carrots, bean sprout, mushroom, and scallions for $25.

Beef Lo Mein

Although it may seem like a more typical meal to find at a restaurant like this, it was a stand-out against other lo meins that we’ve had! The beef tasted like very good quality and was cooked well. The flavors of the mushrooms and scallions added to the tender beef. Plus, that beef and veggie to noodle ratio was ON POINT, so you get enough of each part when you take each bite!

Beef Lo Mein Noodles

The only thing that could have made our meal better was dessert. BUT, Morimoto Asia isn’t serving dessert right now since the company that makes their ice cream hasn’t opened yet.


Morimoto Asia is one of those spots in Disney Springs that consistently serves up amazing food, even if you’re just trying the Street Food quick-stop outside!

Morimoto Asia

If you’re looking for a place to have traditional Japanese cuisine or try something new, check out Morimoto Asia the next time you’re in Disney Springs. Plus, that Buri Bop turned our dinner into dinner with a show!

Have you eaten at Morimoto Asia before? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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