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Vote for Hocus Pocus LEGO ideas featuring the Sanderson Sisters!

Here at Chip and co we love a LEGO ideas project and we are particularly loving this Hocus Pocus Lego idea, based upon the Sanderson Sisters and their spooky house! This incredible Hocus Pocus LEGO idea is based upon the spooky, fan-loving classic feature film, Hocus Pocus! Not only has the designer envisioned the legendary house but also included figures of the Sanderson Sisters, Mery, Winifred and Sarah! If you look close enough you might be able to find Thackery Binks as the black cat!

The designer “Enkia”, has titled this set Sanderson Sister’s Cottage! The designer clearly adores the movie as she wanted to share her love of magic as well as the ability to create the witch cottage with the three funny sisters!

The idea set contains a fully furnished two-floor cottage with all many magical accessories from the iconic movie, including the spellbook, black candle, brooms, magic potion and the famous flying hoover! The project contains 2070 lego parts with the three Sanderson Sisters and a easter egg… Thackery Binks in his Black Cat form! This iconic Hocus Pocus LEGO idea set will certainly ‘put a spell on you’!

If you love this LEGO ideas set just as much as us, please click here and support this!

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