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What Will Happen if You Refuse To Wear A Mask In Disney World?

With the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland and Disney Springs, we have face masks on the mind.

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So far, all of the reopened Disney properties have the requirement of face masks for Cast Members, employees, AND guests. This has raised concern for some on the subjects of comfort and logistics for their time in Disney. We’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about wearing your mask in Disney World, but what if you refuse to wear one? Here’s what might happen.

Will we be wearing masks in all of Disney World?

Disney Springs is the only piece of Disney World that is currently open and YES, face coverings ARE required to visit. The only time that a guest can remove their face mask is when they are seated at a dining table or actively eating or drinking while they walk around.

The question is, will the rest of Disney World follow the mandatory face-covering model?

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It’s likely. After all, Shanghai Disney Resort remains the only fully open Disney resort in the world, and masks are required everywhere on resort property, except when dining.

Similarly, Universal Orlando Resort is set to open on June 5th, and masks will be required almost everywhere there as well — even on attractions.

Beyond that, Disney executives have made multiple references to masks being used in the reopened theme parks. Over a month ago, Executive Chairman Bob Iger explained that many changes are possible for when Disney parks reopen. More recently, CEO Bob Chapek specifically mentioned masks as a likely requirement for Cast Members and guests in the parks.

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Combine the statements from Disney leadership with the requirements already in place for other Disney and entertainment properties, and we get a pretty clear picture. When the Disney Resorts reopen, masks will likely be mandatory almost everywhere you go.

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What if you refuse to wear one?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends and considers masks safe for anyone above the age of 2 and without underlying health conditions. This means that for most Disney guests and Cast Members, the mask recommendation applies. So, what if you refuse to wear a mask?

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Beyond the recommendation, Disney has made a priority of keeping guests and Cast Members safe and making them feel safe. They consider masks a big piece of this puzzle and therefore may not allow those without face coverings to enter or remain in their parks and properties.

For Disney World specifically, Florida law maintains that Disney has the right to deny you service for any reason, including forgoing your mask. Enforcing such a condition may be difficult, but here is how Disney might handle those who refuse to wear a face covering.

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If you don’t have a mask at the entry point or refuse to wear one, you won’t be allowed in. We’ve seen limited numbers of disposable masks available to guests who don’t have one at the entrances to Disney Springs, but this shouldn’t be relied on by guests. Plan to bring your own mask for the duration of your visit.

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Of course, entrances are a lot easier to monitor than entire properties. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the real difficulty will come when monitoring and dealing with guests who remove their masks once they are in the parks or properties. Currently, the only folks who don’t have to wear a mask in Disney Springs are children under 3 years old or guests who are actively dining.

The new Greeter team and Guest Relations Cast are on the lookout for guests who have removed their masks while they are not dining. We’ve noticed Cast Members are quick to approach guests with their masks off and ask them to re-cover, but most guests seem willing to comply with the new rules.

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This system might continue when the parks open with Cast Members on the lookout for guests who have removed their masks. If you refuse to wear one or are noticed multiple times without a mask, there may be further consequences.

It’s possible that not wearing a mask could be treated like any other offense or broken rule on Disney property (think smoking, soliciting, or entering backstage areas). If you adamantly refuse to wear a mask, you may be met by Disney security so they can handle the situation appropriately.

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Overall, if any guest defies the mask rule, they will likely have to deal with some consequences, and could ultimately be asked to leave if they refuse.

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