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Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Adventure is out there! And what better way to enjoy it then with some delicious Up inspired s’mores!

Because when you are traveling through South America you are gonna need some treats to keep your energy up. So why not something fluffy and sweet? We think s’more is a fantastic idea specially if they are in the form of “My Adventure Book” from UP! 


  • 12 large rectangular Graham crackers
  • 12 oz of chocolate bar or chocolate candy coating melted
  • 6 peanut butter candy melts
  • 1/4 cup of powdered sugar
  • 1-2 tsp of vegetable oil (optional)
  • Your favorite homemade marshmallow recipe
  • Red fruit leather or fruit tape
  • 2 tbsp each of tan, yellow or orange and black icing
  • 1 tbsp each of purple, red, blue and white icing
  • 7 piping bags fitted with #1 or #2 tips for each of the colored icings
  • 1 piping bag fitted with #44 tip for the white icing
  • Toothpicks


Step 1: Make the covers of the Adventure Book using a serrated knife and cut 2 inches off the length of each graham cracker. The remaining cracker should be 2×3 inches

Step 2: Dip each cracker in melted chocolate. You can thin the chocolate with oil if you need

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Step 3: To create the book binding, cut out a 2×1/2 inch strip of the red fruit leather or fruit tape. Use a bit of melted chocolate to attach it on the left side of the book cover

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Step 4: Pour the marshmallow mix into a 9×13 inch pan heavily dusted with powdered sugar. Fill the pan evenly to a depth of 1/2 inch and allow to set

Step 5: Using a thin knife brushed with oil cut out 6 rectangles of marshmallow of 2×3 inches each

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Step 6: Use the tan colored icing to draw a square and circular borders on each “Adventure Book”

Step 7: Attach a peanut butter candy melt chip under the text area. Then use black icing and a toothpick to draw the shape of North and South America on it

Step 8: Write “My Adventure Book” with colored icing fitted into pipping bags. Then pipe a black icing ribbon tie on the red fruit leather binding. To finish, pipe a thick line of white icing on the top left side of the globe to simulate a piece of tape

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

Step 9: Place a cut marshmallow in between one book cover and one plain graham cracker to complete your UP inspired s’mores!

Delicious Up Inspired S’mores Recipe!

And done! Now it’s time to enjoy your Up inspired s’mores while exploring the wilderness or watching Up on Disney+! 

Credit: Disney Family

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