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Kennesaw State University Re-Imagines Disney Princesses as Engineers

Kennesaw State University Re-Imagines Disney Princesses as Engineers. To celebrate Women in STEM, Kennesaw State University shared photos featuring the Disney Princesses as various types of engineers. The associated positions were inspired by the Disney Royals unique talents, interests, and abilities.

KSU shared the photos via social media with the caption: “If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…”

If Disney Princesses Were Engineers… #WomenEngineers #WomenInSTEM #KSUEngineering #KennesawState

Posted by Kennesaw State Engineering and Engineering Technology on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Check out the re-imagined Disney Princess in the Photo Gallery from KSU below:

1.) Ariel: The Biomedical Engineer

2.) Aurora: The Chemical Engineer

3.) Belle: The Computer Systems Engineer

4.) Cinderella: The Mechanical Engineer

5.) Elsa: The Civil Engineer

6.) Mulan: The Materials Engineer

7.) Jasmine: The Aerospace Engineer

8.) Merida: The Electrical Engineer

9.) Pocahontas: The Environmental Engineer

10.) Rapunzel: The Signalling Engineer

11.) Snow White: The Mining Engineer

12.) Tiana: The Project Engineer

We love seeing re-imagined Disney Princesses, especially those highlighting unique talents and “real world” potential for the characters. We hope you enjoyed this photo gallery too and be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for all things Disney!

Featured Photo Credit/Source: Kennesaw State University

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