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Inspired Schoolgirl Asks for Disney Princesses with Glasses

Inspired Schoolgirl Asks for Disney Princesses with Glasses Disney princesses

Inspired Schoolgirl Asks for Disney Princesses with Glasses

Eleven-year-old Lowri Moore, from Nottingham, England, wrote a letter to Bob Iger last year requesting the creation of Disney princesses that wear glasses. According to BBC News, Lowri, who wears glasses, said that she wanted to see more characters “wearing glasses like me.”

Lowri’s letter to Bob Iger read: “I’ve grown up watching Disney princesses and I’ve always admired them and thought they were beautiful. Unfortunately, none of the princesses wear glasses and that made me feel as though I’m not beautiful enough.”

Lowri described that the Disney characters featured with glasses were typically portrayed as “geeky or nerdy instead of beautiful.” She felt so strongly about the need for a glasses-wearing Disney princess that she came up with her own!

Inspired Schoolgirl Asks for Disney Princesses with Glasses Disney princesses

Photo credit: Cyrilyn Moore.

A local illustrator, Natalie Owen, heard about Lowri’s letter and character idea, and was a Disney fan herself- so she decided to help out! According to BBC News, Owen decided to create the story, ‘Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses,’ featuring a beautiful princess in an orange gown and, you guessed it…glasses!

Lowri was thrilled about the glasses-wearing princess- “The illustrations are amazing and I’m so excited this has happened. Rose has blue-ish glasses, brown long hair, kind of like me. Even if it’s not Disney it’s still a role model for young people. I’m happy I got to create one.”

Lowri’s mother was also touched by the new book- “[The character] thinks she’s not beautiful because she’s wearing glasses. A bit like someone else I know. And she goes on a bit of an adventure where she discovers she actually is beautiful. To come from a nine-year-old’s mind it’s so clever. I’m super proud.”

Although there is no response from Disney to Lowri’s letter, it would be great to see a glasses-wearing Disney princess in the future!

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Source: BBC News.

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Disney Funko Pop Tees From Target Are Fit For A Princess

There is some enchanting t-shirt fun at Target! Now kids can get into the collector fun with Disney Funko Pop Tees! Funko Pop t-shirts pop up now and again, and these Disney Princess inspired ones are fabulous! We found Disney princess tees that came with matching Pocket Pops, for Ariel, Belle, Elsa, and also my favorite Rapunzel!

Disney Funko Pop Tees

Disney Funko Pop Tees

I am honestly low key jealous, because these t-shirts were so super cute! Each one has a fun phrase that coordinates with the princess on the shirt, or Queen in Elsa’s case. There are also decorations inspired by the character, as well as mascots!

Disney Funko Pop Tees

Of course that’s not the only great part about these tees! In addition to having super adorable artwork, each one comes with a matching Pocket Pop figure! These Pocket Pops are also Target exclusives so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Disney Funko Pop Tees

The tees also have a great price point too. Each top is $14.99, which is a pretty royal deal considering you also get a mini Funko Pop figure!

Just look at how cute they are! The Pops are also different than other mini pops of the same characters, which makes them a fun collectors item too.

You can find these enchanting Disney Funko Pop Tees at your local target, as well as! There are also Marvel tees with Funko Pops for boys, but my Target did not have any yet when I went this week. Fingers crossed for next trip though!

What do you think of these cute girls Disney Princess tees?

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Metallic Disney Princess Wet Brush Collection Shimmers And Shines

Disney Princess Wet Brush

Sometimes it’s a mermaid hair don’t care kind of day, sometimes it’s a Disney Princess kind of hair day. For the days we are looking for royal locks, there is a new Disney Princess Wet Brush collection! You can now find three new shimmery Disney Wet Brush designs at Target both online, and at your local store.

This is the third collection of Disney Princess designs from Wet Brush! Featured in this collection is Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana! Each brush retails for $12.99, and can be found online, and in stores!

Disney Princess Wet Brush

This is actually the first time we have gotten a Tiana design for the princess Wet Brushes too! Each brush has a beautiful metallic background, with a design of the Disney Princess printed in vibrant colors. Florals, and icons from the films are sprinkled around each princess. On the handle of the brush there is also an icon that represents each princess!

Belle got a very rose gold looking metallic background, so I am sure this will also be a favorite with the rose gold fans! Each brush is sold separately, and comes packaged in a box with Disney Princess designs. Wet Brush brushes are the best if you often have tangles! They have long been my favorite brush for detangling, so I can’t get enough of all the new Disney designs they keep releasing!

I don’t know which one to get. I’m torn between Tiana and Belle!

What do you think of the shimmery new metallic Disney Princess Wet Brush Collection?

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Kennesaw State University Re-Imagines Disney Princesses as Engineers

Kennesaw State University Re-Imagines Disney Princesses as Engineers. To celebrate Women in STEM, Kennesaw State University shared photos featuring the Disney Princesses as various types of engineers. The associated positions were inspired by the Disney Royals unique talents, interests, and abilities.

KSU shared the photos via social media with the caption: “If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…”

If Disney Princesses Were Engineers… #WomenEngineers #WomenInSTEM #KSUEngineering #KennesawState

Posted by Kennesaw State Engineering and Engineering Technology on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Check out the re-imagined Disney Princess in the Photo Gallery from KSU below:

1.) Ariel: The Biomedical Engineer

2.) Aurora: The Chemical Engineer

3.) Belle: The Computer Systems Engineer

4.) Cinderella: The Mechanical Engineer

5.) Elsa: The Civil Engineer

6.) Mulan: The Materials Engineer

7.) Jasmine: The Aerospace Engineer

8.) Merida: The Electrical Engineer

9.) Pocahontas: The Environmental Engineer

10.) Rapunzel: The Signalling Engineer

11.) Snow White: The Mining Engineer

12.) Tiana: The Project Engineer

We love seeing re-imagined Disney Princesses, especially those highlighting unique talents and “real world” potential for the characters. We hope you enjoyed this photo gallery too and be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for all things Disney!

Featured Photo Credit/Source: Kennesaw State University

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Pepperidge Farms is Releasing New Disney Princess & Marvel Goldfish


Pepperidge Farms is Releasing New Disney Princess & Marvel Goldfish!

These new designs will feature Disney characters such as Moana & Ariel.

Tiana & Cinderella!

Even Jasmine & Rapunzel!

Not to be left out PF is releasing Marvel Characters as well! We are loving Captain America and Black Widow.

Iron Man & the Hulk

and Thor & Black Panther!

All of the new Disney Princess and Marvel Characters will be available exclusively at Target starting the first week of June.

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