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Metallic Disney Princess Wet Brush Collection Shimmers And Shines

Disney Princess Wet Brush

Sometimes it’s a mermaid hair don’t care kind of day, sometimes it’s a Disney Princess kind of hair day. For the days we are looking for royal locks, there is a new Disney Princess Wet Brush collection! You can now find three new shimmery Disney Wet Brush designs at Target both online, and at your local store.

This is the third collection of Disney Princess designs from Wet Brush! Featured in this collection is Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana! Each brush retails for $12.99, and can be found online, and in stores!

Disney Princess Wet Brush

This is actually the first time we have gotten a Tiana design for the princess Wet Brushes too! Each brush has a beautiful metallic background, with a design of the Disney Princess printed in vibrant colors. Florals, and icons from the films are sprinkled around each princess. On the handle of the brush there is also an icon that represents each princess!

Belle got a very rose gold looking metallic background, so I am sure this will also be a favorite with the rose gold fans! Each brush is sold separately, and comes packaged in a box with Disney Princess designs. Wet Brush brushes are the best if you often have tangles! They have long been my favorite brush for detangling, so I can’t get enough of all the new Disney designs they keep releasing!

I don’t know which one to get. I’m torn between Tiana and Belle!

What do you think of the shimmery new metallic Disney Princess Wet Brush Collection?

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