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REVIEW! We Tried Three Whole Pounds of LOADED FRIES at The Basket in Disney Springs!

Disney Springs re-opened its third-party restaurants and stores, and we’ve been taking you all around property with us to get snacking!

Buffalo Fries with Freaujolais

We’ve visited one of the Happiest Restaurants on Earth (AKA Wine Bar George) to check out its new procedures AND stopped by its quick service spot, The Basket, to try one of their new Fries and Frozen drink pairings. But, if you think that our love for fries stopped there, think again!

We are back for another round of the new fries that The Basket at Wine Bar George has recently rolled out. Each basket of fries is $8 and comes with an entire pound of crispy treats.

Wine Bar George Menu

So that means we totally ate three pounds of fries for breakfast — just to review them for you guys! ;D But, don’t worry — we used the plastic forks so our hands didn’t get too messy!

Wine Bar George Fries

We’re starting off with our favorite out of the three, because why not?? The Queso Fries (!!!) were loaded with queso and peppers so they’re the ultimate form of cheese fries.

Queso Fries

The queso was house-made with a blend of 4 different cheeses (the cheesier, the better). While the queso wasn’t that spicy, the peppers added a GREAT kick to each bite! While we could totally indulge in three pounds of the Queso Fries alone…

Queso Fries

…we’ve got more fries to review for you! The California Fries were made with avocado cream and bacon — and they were just as good as they sound.

California Fries

The avocado cream was lighter than the queso, so the dish wasn’t as heavy. But, there was still plenty of flavor from the sauce and the bacon bits. While some bacon tends to get a little too crispy on fries, the bacon on the California Fries was wonderful and added a hint of smokiness to the taste.

California Fries

Last, but not least, the Togarashi Fries were topped with sesame seeds and a chili sauce! Plus, there was a lime wedge so you could mix a little zest into the flavors.

Togarashi Fries

Although the first couple bites of the Togarashi Fries weren’t all that spicy, the kick snuck up on us as we were eating them! However, we do wish that there had been more chilis in the sauce to make the fries spicier. The sauce was just that awesome that we could have used more! Out of all three of the fry baskets we tried, the Togarashi Fries had the most flavors going on in the dish. Who knew that fries could be spicy and tangy?

Togarashi Fries

Wine Bar George, you’ve done it again! The fries in each of the baskets were super seasoned and salty (our favorite). And, since each basket comes with a pound of fries, you could definitely share these with a friend or family member. Or, you can treat yo’self, you know! ?

What is your favorite thing to get at The Basket or Wine Bar George? Let us know in the comments below!

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