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See How Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza Changed For Reopening Day in Disney Springs!

Disney Springs is now re-opened — with several stores and restaurants welcoming guests once again.

Blaze Pizza

We’ve been reporting live all day, but now we’re heading over to Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza to see if they can still crank out that super speedy pizza that we know and love!


Walking up to Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza today, the building looked about the same as we remembered it!

Blaze Pizza

There is now a waiting area off to the side where guests can wait safely before entering. Markers on the ground indicate where each group should stand.

Outdoor Line

Since the restaurant wasn’t too crowded, we were able to walk right in. A greeter was on hand to manage the flow of guests. All employees were wearing masks, gloves, hats, and orange aprons — making them easily recognizable.

Blaze Pizza Line

We jumped on a little flame and waited our turn.

Placing an Order

Only a certain number of guests were permitted to approach the counter and build their pizza at a time. This area was designated with bright orange tape on the ground. To us, the “X” pattern on the floor seemed to indicate guests should stand further back from the counter. If so, Blaze might need to clarify this new safety protocol for their guests.

Placing an Order at Blaze Pizza

The glass sneeze guard that runs the entire length of Blaze Pizza’s counter has always been there, so we didn’t notice many modifications to their line.

Blaze Pizza

We also noticed Blaze Pizza didn’t make any menu cuts like we saw with some other Disney Springs restaurants. At the time we visited, all of their pizza options were available. They were also still operating their Fast Fire’d Pick-Up Station for mobile orders, but they had moved the station outside!

Pick Up Station at Blaze Pizza

This is super-handy for folks who want to take their pizza to-go without having to step foot inside!

Tables and Seating

Instead of removing tables, Blaze marked off every other table with a “please choose another table” sign.

Blaze Pizza

The signs are located on tables both inside and outside of the restaurant. Plus — their message gave us a little chuckle.

Blaze Pizza

Guests are free to choose their own seats from the tables without warning signs.

Overall Experience

We were happy to see Blaze Pizza adjusting to their updated operations while making their guests and employees feel safe and comfortable. Guests just might need a little more direction when it comes to the ordering line. Before your next visit, find out how Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza stacks up against its Disney Springs neighbor, Pizza Ponte here!

Would you visit a fast food location with these protocols in place? Let us know in the comments!

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