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Bring Frozen 2 To Your Home In Style With Disney Bounding

Now that we have all been at home for quite some time, we’re sure you are watching a lot of Frozen 2 on Disney Plus. Don’t worry, so are we! Thanks to the Disney Bounding fashionista herself, Leslie Kay, we have an all new reason to watch. Leslie’s carefully created three super cool looks for Frozen 2 fans just like us!

Disney Bounding is where Disney meets fashion and magic happens! Any one can do it and it allows us to be as creative as possible. Disney Bounding at home, however, adds another essential element: comfort-ability. Besides, the comfort will help as you’re singing along to all those epic songs in Frozen 2.

For the perfect Disney Bounding tips, there’s one person who really knows her way around. Leslie Kay is the epitome of all things Disney Bound. She literally wrote the book on it, “DisneyBound: Dress Disney and Make It Fashion”. These three looks, created by Leslie herself, are the perfect fit for your next Frozen movie night!

Bring Frozen 2 To Your Home In Style With Disney Bounding

This Anna look is giving us some seriously royal vibes! The royal purple mixed with the metallic details are truly fit for any queen. The black dress offers a free flowing style that adds a level of comfort that is perfect for wearing at home.

In Frozen 2, we see a different side to Elsa than in the first film. Her adventure outfit is a bit more “queen casual” than her signature “Let It Go” gown. This bound matches that cool and casual look. Also, we can’t help but be living for those icicle, sparkly sneakers!

Last, is the reindeer king himself, Kristoff. This look is equally effortless as it is stylish. Pair neutral colors together to create a similar Kristoff color palette. Tie in some boots and try to get the family pet to stand in as your Sven and you are all set!

We hoped these looks help you in creating your own Frozen 2 looks! Remember, to make it creative and make it your own. Nothing completes a look more than owning it and being confident. Also, if you do put together some cool Disney Bounds, make sure to tag @ChipandCo on Instagram so we can check them out!

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