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7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

At this time, Disney World hasn’t revealed what their virtual queue system will look like when the theme parks reopen in July. But it seems like it is all but certain Disney will implement SOME sort of virtual queue experience, but it’s scope and intricacies are unknown at this time!

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

World of Disney Virtual Queue sign

We’ve seen Virtual Queues already in place at some experiences like World of Disney for when crowds get large. At Universal Orlando, not every attraction had virtual queues, so we may not see EVERY ride and attraction at Disney World add one. That said, we have a few ideas for which rides we think TOTALLY need a Virtual Queue in Disney World.

One of the pros of Virtual Queues is that much of your “waiting” in line happens before you even step into the physical queue space! Much like FastPass+, you wait for your designated return time, and then you enter the attraction with an expedited wait time from there. That means that you would walk through the queue area at a much quicker pace!

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Universal queue

We’ve already seen Disney implement Virtual Queues with Rise of the Resistance, to mixed reviews. But most would say that the in-queue experience tends to be smoother and faster (well…most of the time)!

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Rise of the Resistance

There are SEVERAL rides at Disney World with less-than-stellar queue areas. They are either entirely outdoors (making for a super hot, super NOT fun experience), or they are just plain boring and long with nothing to do or look at! These are our first prime candidates!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is entirely open-air, with relatively no air conditioning to relieve you from the Florida heat.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Big Thunder Mountain in Disney World

While there are a couple of fun, interactive elements throughout the queue, like “blowing up” dynamite out on the mountain or checking out all the odd cages full of canaries, it’s not nearly as interactive as the queues for Peter Pan’s Flight or even Haunted Mansion. The “wildest ride in the wilderness” would definitely benefit from a Virtual Queue where we don’t have to stand in that line for an hour!

Space Mountain

While we appreciate great air conditioning as much as the next person, we’re including Space Mountain on this list because it is an incredibly LONG queue.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Space Mountain

Space Mountain sometimes offers interactive games along the standby queue that give kids and adults something stimulating to do while standing in line. If this isn’t available, there are space-themed games you can play in the Play Disney Parks app. 

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Space Mountain

While interactive games on the Play Disney Parks app is a decent alternative to just standing in line, we would much prefer a Virtual Queue where we can just walk right on to the ride, more or less, when our return time comes up. And while the Star Tunnel’s music is among our favorites, it already takes several minutes just to walk through the entire hallway. That’s plenty of time for us!

Flight of Passage

Some folks love certain aspects of the standby queue for Flight of Passage. Much of the queue is indoors, and there are some pretty interesting things to look at! But to get there, you still have to stand in a long, and we mean LONG, outdoor queue.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Flight of Passage

Years after the attraction has opened, Flight of Passage still frequently has a wait time of two or more hours, so a virtual queue could be a very welcome change for this ride!

Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash is another attraction in high demand, meaning that it is HARD to snag a FastPass for the attraction. And if you can’t snag a reservation, you have to resort to standing in the standby queue, and let’s just say…it’s miserable!

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Slinky Dog Dash Wait Time

You would think that with all the innovations and improvements made to the rides and attractions over the years, the queue experience would grow and evolve with them! But Slinky Dog Dash is your typical 100% open-air, outdoor switch-back queue. And with wait times regularly well above one hour, that’s a LOT of time to stand around in the Florida heat!


Soarin’ also offers interactive games that are projected on the walls of the queue area from time to time through the Play Disney Parks app.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

The queue area for Soarin’

But if you don’t have the Play Disney Parks app, Soarin’ can be one pretty uneventful queue experience. While the app is a good boredom-buster while you’re waiting in line, like Space Mountain, we would rather walk onto the ride when it’s time to hop in line!

Kilimanjaro Safaris

If you’re looking for a quintessential Animal Kingdom experience, there’s nothing better than Kilimanjaro Safaris. This is a truly one-of-a-kind attraction, not just at Disney World, but around the world!

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Kilimanjaro Safaris Wait Time

The ride has seen some updates throughout the years. Its original version dealt with the dangers of poaching, and during the middle of your tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, you would find yourself in the crosshairs of poachers! The ride has since been updated to just be a tour of the Reserve.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Kilimanjaro Safaris Lions

The queue area for Kilimanjaro Safaris is long and entirely outdoors. The pre-show video is a fun preview of the animals that you’ll see on safari, but we would much rather skip to the good part: the live animals themselves!

Rock N Roller Coaster

Our final attraction that we would love to see get a Virtual Queue is Rock N Roller Coaster! Until you reach the pre-show room where you have your encounter with Aerosmith, there is quite literally nothing to do in the queue.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Entrance

Most of it is outdoors in a traditional switch-back configuration. And while much of it is shaded, the extended queue can easily stretch around the front of the building, creating a very unpleasant, sunny experience.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster line

Virtual queues for Rock N Roller Coaster could also make for an easier way of planning your trip to the far end of Hollywood Studios, where many guests will often try to get back-to-back FastPasses for Rock N Roller Coaster and its neighboring attraction, Tower of Terror.

7 Disney World Rides That NEED A Virtual Queue This Summer!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

With FastPass+ temporarily suspended, guests will need to come up with another way of easily experiencing these two rides, and Virtual Queues may be just the solution!

There’s no question that the queueing experience at Disney World is already going to change drastically with the temporary suspension of FastPass+. And with a more-than-likely Virtual Queue system on its way, everything we know about planning your day around what rides you want to experience could look TOTALLY different! These changes are necessary as part of the new health and safety protocols, but we think some of these attractions will really benefit from having a new way of “waiting” in line!

[cysc id=’Disney_Parks_Reopen’]

What queue at Disney World do YOU think needs an upgrade, or could really benefit from having a Virtual Queue? Let us know in the comments!

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The Top 10 Most Evacuated Rides in Disney World!

Disney World can seem like the perfect place in theory, but that’s not always the case.

Frozen Ever After

Sometimes things just happen to go wrong — yes, even in Disney World! It’s happened to most of us. We’re pumped for our favorite ride only to find that it’s inexplicably closed. Or perhaps we’re halfway THROUGH our favorite ride when it randomly STOPS! Whatever the case, we know big breakdowns happen. Let’s check out the top ten most evacuated rides in Disney World!

This data is pulled from an Orlando Sentinel report on the Reedy Creek Fire Department (Disney’s own!) reported evacuations from July 27th, 2016, through July 18th, 2018. Keep in mind that these dates WOULDN’T catch newer rides like the popular (and often reported to break down) Rise of the Resistance!

10. Spaceship Earth

Coming in at tenth place for most evacuations we have the most iconic and recognizable ride in Epcot — it’s Spaceship Earth! In the measured period, this ride had 15 evacuations. Not too bad, but there are a whole lot of rides that had fewer!

Spaceship Earth

Though the report does not include the causes for breakdowns, Spaceship Earth is an original 1982 attraction with some significantly complex ride pathways through the sphere. Its age and complexity could be part of the issue.

Is Spaceship Earth NOT closing for refurb now?? Click here!

9. Toy Story Mania!

Just BARELY beating out Spaceship Earth is the relatively new Toy Story Mania! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This attraction racked up 16 evacuations in the two-year period.

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania! is a super technologically advanced ride so a failure of the software could potentially be a reason for evacuation. Still, Disney doesn’t report the reason for evacuations (unless there’s an injury) so it’s hard to say.

Want to get the highest score in Toy Story Mania? Click here!

8. Splash Mountain

Next up on our list is Splash Mountain! This beloved attraction (one of the favorites among our readers) had 21 evacuations in the period reported. We’ve definitely been on this one more than a few times when it’s broken down for a while!

Does Everyone Want To Ride Splash Mountain??

Splash Mountain might be prone to big breakdowns simply thanks to the fact that it is a water ride. Log flume rides are notorious for being difficult to maintain. Maybe when things go wrong at Splash Mountain, the fixes aren’t so easy.

To learn how Splash Mountain stacks up with other attractions, click here!

7. Peter Pan’s Flight

A little bit of a jump here as this next attraction had about ten more full evacuations than Splash Mountain. Peter Pan’s Flight came in at 31 evacuations in the two years.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Surprisingly, this is the ONLY opening day attraction to make this list (guess those other OG rides really hold up)! Not only is Peter Pan’s Flight an older ride, but it also uses a unique suspended system. That’s why people love it so much, but it’s also what makes it a little more challenging to run.

Click here to check out some SWEET upcoming merch inspired by Peter Pan’s Flight!

6. The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer starring the Great Goofini (previously The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm) is a favorite for many little ones thanks to it being an easily conquerable rollercoaster.


Still, despite not being as impressive as the other coasters of Disney, this one has some of the most evacuations with 32 in the period. Why? We’re stumped!

Want to see how our readers feel about The Barnstormer? Click here!

5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Alright! We made it to the top five! Just barely edging out Barnstormer and Peter Pan’s Flight is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh with 33 evacuations in the period.

Winnie the Pooh at The Crystal Palace

There are few incidents reported for this ride and it is a traditional dark ride. Maybe it’s just the wily Heffalumps up to no good!

To find out which Tiger King person we matched up with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, click here!

4. Kali River Rapids

We’ve got a pretty big jump for this next one again — and get used to it, because the evacuation counts on the final three are gonna climb quick! Not quite in the final three is Kali River Rapids with 44 evacuations in two years.

Kali River Rapids

Kali could suffer from the water ride maintenance woes as part of the reasoning behind the frequent evacuations. There have also been reports of monitoring sensors being triggered on this ride. These are triggered when the ride system thinks someone isn’t where they should be or something is wrong and it automatically stops the ride, per WESH.

Click here to read about our Kali River Rapids MISTAKES!

3. Space Mountain

Okay folks, we’ve made it. Let’s talk about our top three. We’re talking about our BIGGEST breakdown offenders. Taking the third spot is Space Mountain with a leap up to 64 evacuations in a two year period!

Space Mountain

Though the ride had no reported injuries in the measured period, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t medical reasons for stopping the ride. Space Mountain can be intense and it has had some incidents reported in the past. Plus, Space has been around since 1975! That’s an old coaster! Sometimes, things just might need some extra attention for the ride to get up and running again.

PRO TIP: If this ride DOES break down for a prolonged period, hop on the PeopleMover. It travels through Space Mountain even if it’s closed and you can possibly get a really cool look at the ride with the lights on!

Want to see come collectible Space Mountain merch? Click here!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Our runner up for most breakdowns is Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, wouldn’t you know it! Another water ride — and an old one too. Pirates of the Caribbean has been around since 1973. That’s a lot of time, a LOT of animatronics, and a lot of water making some room for things to go a little sideways.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Maybe those are the reasons that Pirates of the Caribbean is dealing with a HIGH record of evacuations. We’re talking really high — like 72 evacuations in two years high. Maybe it’s that tricky ghost George that’s to blame! 😉 Shockingly though, there is one ride that has MANY more evacuations than even this number.

To learn how Pirates of the Caribbean makes us feel things, click here!

1. Frozen Ever After

Coming in first place, the NUMBER ONE MOST EVACUATED RIDE is Frozen Ever After! On paper, that might sound surprising since it’s so new, but most of us have witnessed Frozen Ever After closed for downtime at some point or another. Just how many evacs did it have, you ask? 113 evacuations in two years! Phew!

Frozen Ever After Ride

Again, Disney doesn’t release the reasoning behind these evacs but we have some theories. The ride ticks a LOT of the boxes that we’ve mentioned as breakdown potential.

Water ride? Check. Older ride? Frozen is new but it’s predecessor Maelstrom opened in 1988 so…check! Complex technology? Definitely check! This was the first ride to use the new animatronics (ever ridden the ride mid-breakdown and see Anna and Elsa with their faces TURNED OFF? We have!). That sounds like a pretty decent recipe for high evacuations to us!

Click here to learn how you can ride Frozen Ever After — after hours!

So now you know the top ten most evacuated rides at Disney! To quote a Disney statement, “Our rides operate at a high degree of reliability, and while occasional downtimes and full-ride exits are a part of normal operations, they represent a very small part of the total operating day and overall guest experience.”

Despite some of these trickier ride systems, Disney actually had a pretty great track record with keeping rides running smoothly. Still, it makes for a unique story if you’ve ever been evacuated from a ride! Maybe we’ll go hop on Frozen Ever After…

Love in-ride photos? Click here to see what rides we think NEED one!

Have you ever been caught on a broken-down ride? Tell us in the comments!

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Can You Conquer These 5 Disney World CHALLENGES?

We all have a little bit of a competitive streak (Disney board games are the bomb.)!

Cinderella Castle and Main Street, U.S.A. in Disney World

That’s why conquering Disney World challenges is so satisfying. These are some of the BIGGEST challenges out there that we dare you to complete during your next Disney vacation!

If you can complete them all, you can officially be deemed a seasoned Disney World pro! 😉

Mickey Bar

Let’s take a look at what you’re in for!

All 4 Parks in One Day

Visiting all four theme parks in a day? Seems like a piece of cake, right?? Well… we’re making this a CHALLENGE for a reason!

Once you go to a park, you have to do four things: ride an attraction, watch a show or film, take a photo with a character, and get something to eat or drink before moving on to the next park.

Does Everyone Want To Ride Splash Mountain??

You could even make it MORE of a challenge by having to use a different form of transportation every time you go to a new park (and you can’t reuse the ones from before)! HINT: Start in Magic Kingdom and take the monorail to Epcot, before moving on from there. 😉

Every “Mountain” in Disney World

Ain’t no mountain high enough, friends! So, that means it’s time to conquer ALL the attractions with mountains in Disney World. This challenge is especially fun since you’ll even get to visit both waterparks for a day of splashing around and soaking in some good ol’ Vitamin D!

While you’re in Magic Kingdom, you’re going to want to hop onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Big Thunder Mountain

After you’ve made your way to Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll want to hop on over to the waterparks.

First on the agenda, you’ll want to take a wicked ride on Mount Gushmore at Blizzard Beach and then visit Mount Mayday at Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon

Seven mountain rides in one day is daunting but totally doable (if you’re up for the challenge!).

The BIGGEST Snacks on Property

You guys know that some of the portions are HUGE in Disney World (best bang for your buck, though!).
And, while we’re big fans of snack crawls, we think the biggest food challenge is trying to finish all of these MASSIVE sized snacks at the parks and resorts!

Samantha Sterling Punch Bowl

We’re talkin’ about The Edison Punch Bowl, Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream, Buttermilk Pancake Tower at STK Orlando, Gibson S’mores Baked Alaska at The Boathouse, and ALL the specialty Dole Whips on property (ok, these aren’t massive sized but there are massive amounts OF them!). Yeah, we’re totally drooling just thinking about them… .

Visit EVERY Country in the World Showcase

The World Showcase in Epcot is one of our FAVORITE places to stroll around when we’re in the parks. Each country has something special to offer, even if it’s just admiring the buildings (that architecture is so detailed!!).

The next time you’re in Epcot, spend some time at each of the 11 World Showcase Pavilions to say you’ve conquered them all. 

Mexico Pavilion

But, like all good challenges, there’s a rule! You have to either visit an attraction or show, take a photo with a character, or grab a snack or a drink once you visit a pavilion. You never know — you might find some hidden spot or details along the way (have you been lucky enough to spot the Viking sword in Norway??).

Eating ALL the Mickey Treats

There are SO many different Mickey treats on property (it IS Disney World after all. 😉)! And, if you’re up to one of the ULTIMATE challenges, you can bring your friends and family members along with you to try them. Oh, did we mention there’s 19 of them?! PHEW. Keep in mind Disney is ALWAYS coming up with new Mickey-fied treats, so the list could keep growing!

Mickey Candy Apple

On top of the classics — Mickey Premium Bars, Mickey Candy Apples, Mickey Rice Krispies, and Mickey Waffles — you can also get unique treats like the Mickey House-made Pecan Praline and Mickey Chili Pepper Chocolates.

Pecan Praline

Since there are so many, you could spread the Mickey snacks over the course of your trip (instead of having to get them all at once). Plus, there are enough goodies to go around so you can share them and save some for later.

Think you can tackle any of those challenges? Believe it or not, we’ve done them ALL, so we believe in you! The best part about these challenges is that you can not only challenge yourself, but make a little competition with your friends! Drinks at La Cava del Tequila on whoever loses?? 😉 For even MORE ideas, check out our DFB Video on ride challenges below!

And, if you love this video, there’s plenty more for you to enjoy over on our DFB YouTube Channel!

Have you done any of these Disney World challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Things That Are Surprisingly SCARY in Disney World…

Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth! But, did you know that it can be one of the Scariest Places on Earth, too?? (Dun dun DUN!)

Cinderella Castle at Night

Although Disney creates SO much magic for guests of all ages, there are a few things in the parks that might creep you out when you’re visiting.

It doesn’t matter how old you are — these 10 things could scare anybody that dares to visit Disney World.

Meeting Kylo Ren

The moment you get to hug a Disney character and say hello is SO magical (and we miss it a LOT). And although many of the meet-and-greets in the park are super friendly, Kylo Ren is basically…the exact opposite.

Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers

Yeah, we get it — he’s a Dark Side villain and all. But, he’s a little terrifying since he just circles around you and gets up in your face. His voice is modulated and ominous, and he’s not exactly “huggable.” Plus, you can’t see anybody underneath all the black capes and Kylo’s iconic mask (so don’t expect any smiles, folks!).

Kylo Ren

Although he may look sinister, the actual dialogue he says is also pretty unnerving, too, like, he “will be the cause of destruction,” and he “senses the Dark Side within you.” YIKES.

However, while Kylo Ren can totally give you the creeps, he’s surprisingly sweet with your little ones.

A little Stormtrooper meets his character counterpart!

So, don’t be too afraid to bring them to meet one of the big baddies from Star Wars! But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Navigating Your Way Through Crowds After Fireworks

Whether you’ve experienced this or not, trust us — the moment everyone is trying to exit the park after fireworks is one of the scariest parts of your Disney vacation. Especially on those crazy busy days!

While you’re hanging onto your party members’ backpacks, trying to see the exit over the sea of people, keeping your hands on any of your kids trying to go rogue in the crowds, and making sure you don’t trip over anyone, it can feel like you’re in an actual nightmare.

Fireworks Crowds

However, if you’re not in a rush to get back to your resort or leave Magic Kingdom at the end of the night, we recommend swinging back in the gift shops to wait for the streets to clear a bit. Or, you can even skip the fireworks and hop on some rides with shorter wait times instead (if you catch them before the park closes for the night!).

Magic Kingdom Crowds

We promise, waiting a bit for the sea of humanity to thin out will mean a more stress-free escape, less waiting for transportation, and an overall better experience (plus you can grab some pics of a near-empty Main Street, U.S.A.!).

No matter what you choose to do, we can still say that the relief of finally exiting the parks and being free of all that uncomfortable squished person-to-person contact is REAL.

Losing Members in Your Party

It can also be a pretty scary moment if you lose someone in the parks. While we are luckily living in the age of technology, sometimes your phone runs out of battery from all those snack photos, and you can’t contact your family or friends (we recommend grabbing a FuelRod for these times!). Or even worse — maybe you lost your child!

The Fountain is a Great Meeting Spot!

In a place as big as Disney World, it’s full-on freak-out time when you lose your kid. However, if you let a Cast Member know what happened, they are well-versed in finding little ones.

Walt Disney World Cast Members

Since it’s hard to set a meeting spot with young kiddos, let your children know to go to a Cast Member if they get lost. Tell them to look for the nice people with oval name tags and inform them that they’re lost.

Cast Member

We promise if this happens it’s WAY more nerve-wracking for you than it is for your kid (we’ve BEEN THERE! Cast Members are incredible at keeping your kiddos calm!), but trust that this happens more than you might realize and Disney World has a system in place to deal with it.

Your child will be taken to the Baby Care Center in the park if they’re under 10, and if older, they’ll be taken to Guest Relations to wait for you. You should be reunited with your child in no time. That said, keep an eye on those kids, Mom and Dad. You’ll be surprised how easily they can get away from you in Disney World!

Claustrophobia, Anxiety, and a Fear of Heights

While Disney World might be the Most Magical Place on Earth, it can also be stressful in certain situations for people who struggle with severe anxiety, get claustrophobic, or even have a fear of heights. Since there are constantly crowds around you, it might be difficult to really get a “breather” in the parks.

Toy Story Land crowds

Plus, some of those rides have very narrow queue line areas or put you in confined spaces for a long timem– not to mention that some of the ride vehicles themselves are pretty tiny (Mission: SPACE, anyone??).

Mission: SPACE

A few rides like the Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest or even the Skyliner Gondolas can also be rough for guests who have a fear of heights. If a member of your party could possibly feel claustrophobic or anxious, make sure to let a Cast Member know and they will help escort you out of the ride.

Tower of Terror

While you’re planning, you may want to keep in mind that rides like the Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Splash Mountain could cause some distress if you happen to have any of these fears as well. Look up what each ride entails, watch a youtube ride-through, and decide before you go if you feel up for riding so you’re not caught off guard in the moment.


Disney World was intended to be a happy, enjoyable place — NOT a cause for stress and strife! So if you run into any worries on your vacation just speak to a Cast Member and they’ll do all they can to help you feel comfortable.

Constance Hatchaway

Haunted Mansion is just one of those rides that COULD give you the creeps in general — I mean, it’s a haunted house with ghosts, after all! 😉 While jump scares in the graveyard and the “huuurrryyyy baaaackkk” dialogue can give you hot and cold running chills, Constance Hatchaway’s story is possibly the creepiest thing about the ride.

Haunted Mansion Graveyard

Once you make your way into the attic, Constance makes it very clear that she decapitated all of her husbands after she married them (anybody else a little surprised that nobody noticed she was a murderess IRL sooner??). And, when she lets you know that she’s looking for her next victim, we SWEAR she’s looking right at us when she says it. YIKES!

Haunted Mansion

This makes us think back to our childhood days of covering our eyes for any frightful scenes in rides. If you’re more than a little unnerved by the murderous bride in her attic, just close those peepers for the few seconds the ride traverses through that scene (but we promise, it isn’t THAT bad! The older bride with no face? THAT was really creepy! 🙂 ).

A VERY Creepy Hidden Ventriloquist Doll

The Tower of Terror is another attraction that has terrifying twists, turns, and killer drops. Although the plot of the Disney themed The Twilight Zone episode is nothing less than eerie, it’s the exit of the ride that creeps us out the most.

Tower of Terror Sign

As you’re leaving the elevator, you can spot the Caesar ventriloquist doll from the show’s episode “Caesar and Me.” In case you haven’t watched it, Caesar is a demonic doll that convinces people to do harmful things. 

Demonic Dummy

Yeah, so it’s on THAT cheery note that you get to go explore the rest of Hollywood Studios after you “drop in” to the Tower of Terror and spot Caesar! 😉

(Oh and here’s a fun little piece of info! Tower of Terror cast members believe that if you don’t say hello and goodnight to Caesar each day, bad things will happen!)

Disney Basically Knows Where You Are 24/7

My Disney Experience is a REALLY helpful tool when it comes to vacation planning. You can book FastPasses for rides, keep track of your Advance Dining Reservations, and even check the wait times in the park. But, My Disney Experience also is a teensy bit stalker-ish if you think about it.

Capacity Message pop-up on My Disney Experience

During the times we’ve been in the parks, we’ve received push notifications and pop-ups welcoming us and suggesting activities to do nearby.

Plus, in combination with your MagicBand, if you’ve made FastPass+, dining, or room reservations, Disney practically knows where you’re going to be at all times.

If that majorly creeps you out, you can choose not to share your location with the app or only share it when you’re using My Disney Experience!

My Disney Experience screenshot

While a MagicBand can be incredibly useful while at Disney World, you can also opt to receive a room card in lieu of a MagicBand if you don’t want that full “big brother” vibe while you’re there.

Villains Taking Over Space Mountain

Villains After Hours is a BLAST! It’s one of the few times you get to see all the villains out in the parks. This extra-ticketed event happens on select nights in Magic Kingdom once the park has closed for the night, giving you access to shorter lines, great photo ops, and exclusive treats.

Queen of Hearts Photo Op

But, it wouldn’t be a party without some of those Disney overlays on rides! Although there are some pretty cool spots to check out (we LOVED seeing all the REAL buccaneers out at Pirates of the Caribbean), there are a few that we found to be a little frightening for the villains themed event.

Pirates of the Caribbean

During Villains After Hours, the stars are shut off in Space Mountain and the attraction is in complete darkness. Oh, and did we mention that it comes with a soundtrack of villains laughing and screaming (Yeah, they’re the kind of sounds that keep you up at night.)?

So, if you’re with your kids, you might want to skip the Villains After Hours overlay of Space Mountain if your little ones get scared easily.

Space Mountain

We’ve got to admit, we’re grown-up (kind of) and we STILL found this super scary!!!

Nanny Chairs

If you try to think of the most terrifying thing on earth and then multiply it by two, you’ve got the Nanny Chairs at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. They’re based on real chairs from 19th-century carousels that nannies used so they could sit down while the kids they watched rode on the horses. But, they’re just terrifying looking with almost evil faces (look at that scary grin!!).

Boardwalk Nanny Chair

And, since Disney likes to pay attention to details, they’re VERY authentic to the original Nanny Chairs you could find on the carousels. You can spot four of the chairs, named Todd, Paul, Alix, and Carrie.

BUT, there are usually only two out by the fireplace in the lobby, so you never know where the other ones are lurking (AKA in our nightmares).

Boardwalk Inn Nanny Chair

In all truthfulness, these are really fun to watch “move” around the resort (Cast Members often move the chairs, so you never know where they’ll end up!). They’re pretty creepy to look at but they’re a fascinating piece of history!

Being Alone at Nighttime

It’s not a super common occurrence to be alone in a Disney Park — after all, there are usually crowds and Cast Members around! However, on an off chance you get to experience this, it can be kind of spooky. It’s that same feeling of “in space, no one can hear you scream,” but in a theme park.

Cinderella Castle

Plus, those moments where you’re waiting for one of the last Disney buses, walking to your car in a nearly empty parking lot, or making your way back to your resort room alone late in the evening can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Like Peter Pan says, just think of the happiest things!! But remember to be safe. Just because it’s Disney World doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen. Stay aware.

There are so many experiences in Disney World that might give you the heebie-jeebies. Disney tries its best to be full of magic and happiness at every turn but sometimes, it’s still easy to get spooked! If you or a party member gets frightened easily, keep these in mind before you plan your next trip!

What are some of the scariest things you’ve experienced in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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