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Maple Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough: Two Delicious Favorites, One Treat

bacon cookie dough disney springs

I was walking around Disney Springs minding my own business when a sign caught my eye.  Maple Bacon Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough!

This dessert is just what it sounds like; a scoop of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough topped with sweet, chewy bacon.  It was an interesting combination.  The flavors all stayed on the sweeter side due to the bacon being candied.  The cookie dough was cool and creamy.

This is currently the only cookie dough option at Disney Springs with the food truck section remaining closed.  The Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip-Cookie Dough can be found at B.B. Wolf’s across from the Lego Store on the bridge at Disney Springs.  This is an unusual offering for this stand that usually features sausage sandwiches, etc.

The bacon and cookie dough combo costs $4.49.  It is one of the smaller portions found on Disney property.

Are you drooling yet? What do you think?  Do bacon and cookie dough make a delicious combination? We will let you be the judge!

Julie de la Fé


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