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Starbucks Focuses on Love with New Cup and Drink

Confetti cup starbucks disney springs

Starbucks at Disney Springs Marketplace Starbucks always has fun drinks and today there was a festive cup too!

Their new drink recipe is called “Love is Love.”  The recipe mixes Starbucks’ Violet Drink with strawberries, strawberry puree, and strawberry sweet cold foam.  Another fruity and delicious drink that is not made with the Frappucino base.

Another fun surprise were these color-changing confetti cups!  These reusable cold cups have what seem to be white confetti on them.  But as a cold drink is poured into the cup the confetti changes to multiple colors.  Such a lively transformation!

The “Love is Love” drink is served at the Starbucks on Disney Spring property closest to the World of Disney store.  You can ask any Starbucks to make this recipe if you would like to try it at your hometown store.

The color-changing cups have been best sellers so if you are interested in one make sure to check on your next visit!  Love the new cups and drink, Starbucks!

Julie de la Fé

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