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Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Wow. We really spent the day back in Magic Kingdom. It’s crazy to think about!

Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Magic Kingdom

Of course, there is a LOT that’s different in a reopened Magic Kingdom and we took a good look around today at the Cast Member preview (thanks to an invite from some friends!). Even the way you take your picture with Cinderella Castle has changed! Yep, let’s take a look at everything different about snapping that iconic pic and pics in general!

Keep in mind that this is a Cast Member preview so everything is subject to change. We’ll be reporting in throughout the rest of the week so follow along with DFB for the most up-to-date information.

The Castle looks different.

First of all, you might have heard that the Castle looks preeeetty different. This iconic structure is getting totally glammed-up ahead of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary with new golden hues, royal blues, and a soft pink color!

Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Cinderella Castle

Keep in mind that the refurbishment on the Castle isn’t quite finished, so there were still cranes up with workers painting today. Depending on how much longer they’re working, this might be a factor when you’re taking your Castle pics.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Cinderella Castle

One thing is for sure — your Cinderella Castle pictures are going to look pretty different than they did before! Hopefully, your outfit doesn’t clash with that pretty pink!

You’ll have to wear your mask.

Beyond that, you might have to wear your mask in pictures. After chatting with a PhotoPass Cast Member, we were informed that face coverings are required at all times in the Disney parks and that includes during your Castle photoshoot for the time being. Now, this may change as the parks reopen to guests but it’s definitely a possibility.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Magic Kingdom Mask

Just in case you do need to keep your mask on for a photo, wear a cute one and practice smiling with your eyes so you’re happy with your pic when you take it. You could even get one with a character’s smile on it or one of our AWESOME DFB face masks to help turn it into a totally Disney-rific accessory.

PhotoPass photographers have new protocols.

Finally, if you enlist a PhotoPass photographer to help you snag the perfect Castle pic, there are going to be some changes to the protocol. For one, photographers will no longer be able to handle your personal device, so if you want them to snap a pic for you you’re going to need to get it THROUGH the PhotoPass service. Or you can always as a friend/member of your group to take one for you.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask When Taking a Photo in Disney World? Here’s What We Experienced Today.

Main Street

They’ll also keep their distance as much as possible during your interaction. They’ll still use your MagicBand or Card to link photos to your account, but they’ll do it as quickly and as distanced as possible.

So there you have it! Now you can keep these three changes in mind when you’re heading to Magic Kingdom to snap that perfect Cinderella Castle picture. Follow along with DFB for all of the latest reopening updates from IN the parks!

What do you think of Cinderella Castle’s new pink look? Tell us in the comments!

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Here’s How Disney’s PhotoPass Service Will CHANGE When Disney World Reopens

Disney World is moving towards a reopening, and there are going to be a lot of new protocols in place.

Here’s How Disney’s PhotoPass Service Will CHANGE When Disney World Reopens

PhotoPass Photographers in Hollywood Studios

Disney is making a lot of experience updates to the theme parks in the interest of keeping guests and Cast Members healthy and safe. With the new Disney Park Pass theme park reservation system and cancellations abound, it can be hard to keep up. Well, now, Disney has updated the way that the PhotoPass service will function in the reopened parks.

Disney posted a new update to its website that talks about the ways that the PhotoPass Service will change. The goal of the changes is to promote physical distancing, cleanliness, and reduced contact so that PhotoPass interactions are safe and enjoyable for guests and photographers.

Here’s How Disney’s PhotoPass Service Will CHANGE When Disney World Reopens

Photopass Updates Screenshot

For one, PhotoPass photographers will no longer be able to take pictures or handle guests’ personal devices (i.e. cell phones and cameras). So, if you want that picture with Cinderella Castle, you’ll either need to purchase Disney’s PhotoPass picture or have someone from your party take the photo separately.

Here’s How Disney’s PhotoPass Service Will CHANGE When Disney World Reopens

Disney Springs

For PhotoPass photo ops that have props, they will be cleaned thoroughly between guests. For some props, guests will be asked not to touch them. Instead, the PhotoPass photographer will help to snap the perfect picture through the best angles and perspective.

Here’s How Disney’s PhotoPass Service Will CHANGE When Disney World Reopens

PhotoPass outside of Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

Finally, the website asks that guests have their MagicBands or cards ready for the photographer to quickly scan and link your photos to your account. The goal is to keep as much distance as possible between Cast Members and guests.

Stay tuned with DFB for all the latest updates on Disney World’s reopening procedures!

What do you think of the new ways that Photopass will be handled? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Experiences You’ll Regret Not Trying When Disney World Reopens

We sure are missing the Disney Parks right now, and there are some things that we really hope we’ll get to do when they reopen.

Happily Ever After

With so many wonderful ways to enjoy Walt Disney World, it’s impossible to do it all. But whether you’ve been to the World dozens of times or you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we don’t want you to finish your trip with any regrets. Here are five Walt Disney World experiences you’ll regret not trying.

Asking a Cast Member for Their Recommendation

If you’re here, then that means that you know to turn to the experts when looking for suggestions about your Disney trip. But there are some experts you might be overlooking, and their input can make a big difference to your trip. We’re talking about Cast Members!

Walt Disney World Cast Member

Who is MORE expert than the Cast Members who bring magic to Disney guests day in and day out? Not only are Cast Members a big piece of what makes Disney World go ’round, but they are also an excellent resource for recommendations once you’re on your trip!

Le Petit Cafe Cast Members

If you’re ever on the fence about something — where to eat, what to do next, etc. — ask a Cast Member! They’ll offer their personal preferences and pieces of advice that may be super surprising and can make for an awesome twist to your Disney day. We’re not just talking about the Cast Members in the lobby of your resort hotel either. Talk to your waitstaff, attractions attendants, and custodial staff for tips!

If they have that telltale oval name tag on, chances are they can offer advice on just about any question you may have!

Cast Member

Want some ideas about what to ask? Take the risk and have the Cast Member choose for you what to order when you’re dining! We do this a lot since the Cast knows the menu at their dining location better than anyone else.

We also recommend asking for their take on what you should do on your resort day (since you might get some ideas you would have missed out on) and for their favorite attractions and tips!

Click here to watch a video on some WEIRD rituals the Disney World Cast has! 

Dining with an Imagineer

If you’re like us, you’re still thinking of things you wish you would have done when you COULD go to Disney. Maybe one of those things is a super fancy dining experience? It’s probably not surprising that that’s DEFINITELY on the list for us! Though we love fancy meals like the Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s, we’re thinking something a little more unique today!

Grand Floridian Lobby

Did you know you can dine with a Disney Imagineer in Disney World? These are the folks who come up with all of the crazy tech, beautiful designs, and awesome experiences that we take part in every day we’re in Disney. The Dine with an Imagineer offering allows you to sit down with one of these super bright minds, pick their brain, and enjoy a delicious meal!

Our Dine with an Imagineer Table — Our Imagineer is sitting at the middle right

This offering is usually available at Citricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for up to 11 guests. You can typically book this experience on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30PM for $97.98 (tax and gratuity included). And you can pay an extra  $30 if you want to add the optional wine pairing. A four-course meal and a casual chat with an Imagineer? Yes, please!

You can also enjoy this experience at The Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios. You can typically book this version of the experience on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12PM for $89.46. Remember, park admission is required and not included in this option!

Hollywood Brown Derby

This truly is a bucket list experience and we definitely wish we could take advantage of it right now. If you’re planning a trip for when the parks reopen, you can book this experience online or by calling (407) WDW-DINE. Remember guests must be 14 years or older to attend.

Note that Dine with an Imagineer won’t be available immediately when the parks reopen, but we’ll let you know when it’s back!

We reviewed Dine with an Imagineer! Click here to check it out!

Getting a Professional, Personal Photopass Session

Maybe you haven’t thought of this one yet, but you definitely should have it on your radar! Photopass and Memory Maker are great ways to get photos while you’re in the parks, but did you know that you can upgrade to a professional, and personal Photopass session?

PhotoPass outside of Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

There are even a few different options for photoshoots so that you can pick one that fits your needs and your budget! Back in February, Disney released the new Capture Your Moment photo sessions in Magic Kingdom for $50. These sessions get you and your fam a 20-minute shoot to help commemorate celebrations and milestones during regular park hours. Neat! You can book Capture Your Moment by calling 407-939-7758.


Guests can also opt to use Disney Fine Art Photography! This service is a little bit more on the pricy side but there are more options to choose from. Depending on your package, these sessions could incorporate lighting, staging, and other techniques.

Pricing ranges from $225 for a Mini Portrait Session at a Resort to $1,999+ for a private, 5-location family portrait session in Magic Kingdom before the park opens. Book these experiences by calling (407) 934-4004.


Making memories with the family is such a cherished thing and we’re missing Disney memories more than ever right now. When we get back to the parks, we’ll definitely be looking for the best ways to capture the memories, and these shoots are a great option!

Click here to learn all you need to know about the Capture Your Moment sessions!

Doing a Food or Drink Crawl

Our next suggestion is one that’s near and dear to our hearts. You’ve just gotta do a Disney food or drink crawl when you’re on your next trip — ESPECIALLY if you’ve never done one before! And, hey, if you have done one before, we say it’s time to embark on another!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort with Monorail Access to Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Food and drink crawls are a great way to experience some menu items and dining locations that you might otherwise miss out on. Our DFB crawls are crafted SPECIFICALLY so that you chow down on the best of the best and check out some awesome locations along the way.

Baymax Cupcake

Consider trying a transportation-based crawl like the Skyliner Pub Crawl, with tasty libations from Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Or try the Monorail Crawl for eats from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!

Disney Skyliner

There are other crawls, too! One of our most FAMOUS crawls is the Cupcake Crawl and we can also recommend the Epcot Classics Snack Crawl! Whatever crawl you choose to tackle, you’re sure to have a fun time AND try some new things!

Click here to learn more about the Skyliner Pub Crawl!

Asking for the Best Seat on a Roller Coaster

Last, but certainly not least, we have a fairly simple idea that a LOT of guests have never thought about before! It’s easy, and you’ll regret NOT doing it once you know it’s a thing! You may want to request the best seat on a roller coaster!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Whatever your favorite coaster in the park — be it Space Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or Slinky Dog Dash — there’s a seat that will make the ride a little more fun for you! This is an easy trick that can seriously perfect your ride experience.

Space Mountain

Okay, here’s the tip: If you’re looking for a smoother ride with great views, request a seat in the front. Want a more thrilling and all-around WILDER ride? Ask a Cast Member to seat you in the very BACK of the coaster! Thanks to SCIENCE, the front gets the slowest, smoothest ride while the back gets whipped around from the pull of the rest of the train!

Slinky Dog in Toy Story Land

Take it from us, there’s nothing quite like a ride in the very back on Big Thunder Mountain. If you’re a thrill-seeker, this can really make the difference between a good ride and a GREAT one!

Big Thunder Mountain in Disney World

And that’s all we wrote! Avoid those regrets by trying out these Disney experiences when you get back to Disney World. Most of these are small, some don’t cost a penny, and they’re all uniquely Disney. They really are a blast! Check out our DFB Video below for even more tips for your next trip.

What’s one thing you regret not doing on a Walt Disney World vacation, and what’s your advice to help others avoid it? Let us know in the comments!

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Disney World Photopass Photographers no Longer Using Guests Phones/Cameras

Walt Disney World is reopening next month but not without some changes. Among the new health and safety measures in place is one specifically to protect Cast Members: they can no longer use your phone or camera to take your picture.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

“Disney has already said it’s eliminating parades, character meet-and-greets and fireworks, all of which would draw major crowds at theme parks when it first reopens.

Don’t ask a cast member to take a photograph with your phone either. Employees will politely decline.”

PhotoPass photographers will still be available to take your pictures but they’re no longer able to use your phone or camera. So if guests want to have those photos, they will have to purchase them.

Disney’s PhotoPass is a completely digital system that allows Guests to collect and view their photos in their Disney account on the My Disney Experience app before ever having to go to the shop and get them printed. And by using Magic Bands, those photos can be uploaded to Guests’ accounts in an almost contactless exchange.

“That’s how serious Disney is taking this,” said Cast Member Union representative Eric Clinton while addressing Cast Members. “That’s a very different Disney World you all worked at back in March.”

The phased reopening of Disney World‘s theme parks begins July 11. We will continue to update with more information as we receive it.

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